Library Cards - Digital Sign-up

  • Haven’t had the chance to visit our library in person to get a library card?
  • Had one years ago but no longer have the number?
  • Account no longer active when you try to use our online resources?

We can help with that!

All Hampton residents are eligible to get library cards, we just need a few things from you. Use your cell phone or mobile device to email with a photo of a:

  1. Photo ID (Driver’s license, school ID, or work badge)
  2. A piece of mail addressed and delivered to you. Doesn’t matter what it is as long as it arrived at your Hampton address via the mail

In the email also include a phone number and preferred email address. We will double check our files – if you have an inactive account we’ll help you reactivate it or issue you a new card. You will receive a library card number and pin for access to all of our online services. When you visit in person for the first time, bring your photo ID for one last verification and we’ll issue your new physical card and open your account for in-person borrowing of all of our materials.