Lane Memorial Library Strategic Plan 2018 - 2021

2018 Strategic Plan

What is the role of Lane Memorial Library and its librarians in the community? We are faithful custodians of a historic library, curating a popular, relevant collection of books and other media. The library is a great resource that offers a place to gather, connect, and learn. Stewardship of our aging building requires diligence. We’ve completed urgent upgrades to stabilize the structure, and now we turn our energies to what we can build with this great resource in the coming years. We chose to do this by understanding what the community needs through the process of strategic planning.

A strategic plan is a living document that can serve as a blueprint for our organization over a three-to-five (3-5) year period. It sets a course for the future based on where the library has been, where it is going, and what strategies will be used to meet future trends, needs, and wants of library users. We’re focusing the plan on services the library currently provides and the resources the library needs. We’re also identifying the values that shape our library’s services and programs because we can’t make effective resource allocation decisions until we know what we are trying to accomplish.

Follow this link for the full Strategic Plan document.