Hampton’s Genealogy

Where do we go from here?

and how can you help?

We have passed the 23,000 mark for number of individuals in our database, but we don’t want to rest on our laurels. We are always interested in adding more individuals, and especially in making corrections to information already in the database. That’s the first priority. But beyond that we know that there is much more information that can be added, and much is already published in existing sources, particularly family genealogies. What we need are people willing to do the tedious work of comparing the information in our database with the information from other sources looking for corrections and additions that can be made. You must be able to provide the source material yourself, probably from your own collection, so that you can browse it while looking at the web pages. (If you live near Hampton you can use the genealogies in our collection, as well as our public Internet stations.) Then you would have to photocopy the pages on which there is new or different information, highlight that information on the pages, and mail it to us for input. Title pages would also have to be included so that we could properly source the information.

Due to the size of the project we must keep its scope focused largely on Hampton people. It would be just too much to try and include all the descendants of all of Hampton’s early settlers. So when considering additional information only include family groups in which at least one member lived at some point in Hampton. For example, if a person was born, married or died in Hampton we will include information on his or her parentage, children, spouse, and spouse’s parents. But if his or her children were born elsewhere we will not include any information on them beyond their date and place of birth.

Some exceptions to this rule are already included in the database. Dow in his History of Hampton followed many lines out of Hampton, and that information has been included in the database. In addition, data added from genealogical journal articles on Hampton families includes information on everyone in the articles, whether or not they lived in Hampton.

We are also looking for photographs of individuals listed in the database. If you have some and would be willing to share, please contact us.

If you would like to help, please send an email to genealogy(at)hampton.lib.nh.us

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