Nancy Towle, 1796-1876

“Faithful Child of God”

By Judith Bledsoe Bailey, April 2000

Figures — No. 4

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Photo of Ring Swamp cemetery, c.1896

The Ring Swamp Cemetery as it looked c.1896

Photo of Ring Swamp cemetery in 1938
The Ring Swamp Cemetery as it looked in 1938

Philip Towle's tombstone
Philip Towle’s Tombstone
Ring Swamp Cemetery
Park Avenue
Hampton, New Hampshire


In memory of Philip Towle M.D. Son of Col. Philip & Betsey Towle died in Charleston, S.C. 1832 on his way to Florida for His Health. Aet. 34 yrs.

Maj. Simon N. Towle Son of P. & B. Towle died Jan. 17, 1840. Aet. 37 y’rs. Sarah Berry Wife of Maj. S.N. Towle, died Jan. 28, 1886. Aet. 77 yrs.

Eddie Hale Son of Hiram & Lydia H. Wood died Sept. 30, 185[2] AEt. 10 mos. [Last digit of year is illegible in 1986 and is taken from the previous compiler as well as the genealogical section of Dow’s History of Hampton.]