Hampton Union, Tuesday, February 28, 1989

Ruth G. Stimson


Ruth G. Stimson is a candidate for Library Trustee in the March 14 town election. She has released the following statement:

Ruth G. Stimson, Extension Educator Emeritus, a candidate for Library Trustee in Hampton, has lived in town since 1950. She brings wide experience in seeking voter support on March 14 as she has served in several civic capacities to date.

She’s a New Hampshire native, and educated at the University of New Hampshire where she received a bachelor’s degree with highest honors, and later, a master degree in education. After teaching in Woodsville for two years, she was employed with the state Cooperative Extension Service as an Extension Home Economist. She served Rockingham County people from 1942 through 1982.

Miss Stimson held many educational meetings in , the libraries of the county. Librarians were., helped to establish vertical files with timely Extension Service leaflets and fact sheets. So she’s familiar with the goals of libraries. She’s had experience with radio, newspapers, TV, talks, demonstrations, visual aids and even teletypewriters in working with the public.

Professionally, Miss Stimson was awarded the Distinguished Service Award of the National Association of Extension Home Economists. Their prestigious Florence Hall Award in 1973 acknowledged her educational efforts to stimulate citizen interest in ecology and alternatives for community disposal of solid waste. The National Federation of Garden Clubs awarded her a green ribbon for her conservation commissions in the county.

In 1978, the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture granted her a superior service award for community environmental improvement through citizen participation in formation of town mosquito control districts in Rockingham County. A handbook was prepared and illustrated for MCD commissioners.

Miss Stimson has served as president of N.H. Association of Extension Home, Economists, and president of the state’s chapter of Epsilon Sigma Phi, the national extension service fraternity. She was on the legal task force for New Hampshire’s International Women’s Year Conference, and has promoted See-How Tours for citizens to see the operation of industries and civic affairs in towns and state.

Rockingham Craftsmen, a marketing cooperative, was founded in 1966 for county people. Many of its fairs are in Hampton. The Williamson-Babb Scholarship for county girls majoring in home economics at UNH or Keene, was motivated and activated with the help of the extension home economics groups here in the county. The scholarship is a tuition grant, and has assisted over 25 students.

In Hampton as a citizen volunteer, Miss Stimson has worked on the Shade Tree Commission, the Marsh Conservation Committee, the town Conservation Commission for six years, and the Mosquito Control District Commission since 1976.

As president of Hampton Garden Club for two terms, she has been very active in conserving natural resources. At town meeting, citizens voted to name a seashore park on Route 1-A in her honor. Last year, she helped with civic beautification for Hampton’s 350th anniversary.

For hobbies, Miss Stimson designed and published a New Hampshire scenic postcard used at two national conventions. She wrote, illustrated, and published “Our Heritage at Christmas,” a 365 page book. She has developed and shared many colored slide programs on a wide variety of subjects. “N.H.’s Marine Resources in the Intertidal Zone” is one of these as well as “Energy Conservation in the Home.” Several magazines have published her articles.

With these experiences in working professionally as an extension educator in the county, and also as a volunteer in Hampton’s civic activities, Miss Stimson hopes for citizen consideration and votes for the Library Trustee position in 1989.