This cemetery was previously visited by Eaton and Folsom. Inclusive dates: 1823-1900. It is deep in the woods and difficult to find. From the intersection of Timber Swamp Road and Mary Batchelder Road head up Mary Batchelder Road to the top of the slight rise. Just over the rise on your left you will notice a trail going into the woods. Follow that trail to the right and you will find the burial yard. View a map. [Data verified on site in 1986 and in v.2 of Vital Records of Hampton, New Hampshire to the end of the year 1900 by George Freeman Sanborn Jr. and Melinde Lutz Sanborn.]

Mary Ann Batchelder, Died Aug. 20, 1900, Aged 78 yrs. 5 mos.

Sarah Freese, daughter of Samuel & Sarah Batchelder, Died May 6, 1861, aged 34 yrs. 2 mos. “A life of trust, a peaceful death, a home in heaven.”

Deborah Ann daughter of Samuel & Sarah Batchelder Died ———– Aged 18 yrs. 2 mo. [A badly repaired crack across this stone obscures the date of death and part of the age. The genealogical section of Dow’s History of Hampton says she died August 4, 1838, and was born June 8, 1820. Neither Eaton nor Folsom recorded this grave.]

Sandborn [sic], son of Samuel and Sarah Batchelder died ———-, aged 14 y’rs. 7 mos. [A crack across this stone obscures the date of death, but both Eaton and Folsom recorded it as June 2, 1839.]

Alfred C., son of Samuel and Sarah Batchelder Died Nov. 5, 1839, aged 26 y’rs. 1 mo. “Blessed are the merciful.” [Verse illegible in in 1986, recorded by Eaton.]

Sarah, wife of Samuel Batchelder, Died June 24, 1846, aged 56 y’rs. 5 mos. “My flesh shall rest in hope Till Christ shall bid me rise.” [Verse illegible in 1986, recorded by Eaton.]

Samuel Batchelder died Dec. 12, 1863, Aged 77 yrs. 10 mos. [A verse, but difficult to read.]

[On one monument.]
[FRONT] Levi Batchelder died Aug. 26, 1823, Aged 58.
Deborah W., his wife, died Nov. 10, 1839, Aged 71.
Cotton W., their son, died July 12, 1825, Aged 32.
[BACK] Thomas W., son of Sam’l and Sarah Batchelder Died at New Orleans, Oct. 1849, Aged 31.
[This monument was tipped over when I found it, so it is difficult to say which side was the front and which the back.]

Mary A., wife of John D. Waldron, Died Jan 5, 1855 Aged 21. [A long verse is included, but is difficult to read].