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View of Elkins Cemetery taken on November 19, 2002

This cemetery was previously visited by Eaton and Folsom. Inclusive dates: 1851-1893. It is located in the woods on the south side of Exeter Road inside the loop of roads formed by the exits from Route 101 and Liberty Lane. View a map. [Data verified on site in 1986 and in v.2 of Vital Records of Hampton, New Hampshire to the end of the year 1900 by George Freeman Sanborn Jr. and Melinde Lutz Sanborn.]

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Mary, wife of Jeremiah Elkins, & daughter of Dea. David Batchelder, of Hampton Falls: died Apr. 16, 1851, aged 79 yrs. 3 mos.

Dea. David B. Elkins Died Nov. 25, 1854, aged 55 yrs. 10 mos.


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Mary, wife of Dea. David B. Elkins, Died Aug. 24, 1870, aged 66 yrs. 6 ms. 3 d’s.

HUSBAND Daniel W. Elkins born 1833, died 1883.

Jonathan Elkins Died Aug. 20, 1853, aged 70 yrs. 6 mo.

Joanna wife of Jonathan Elkins died Jan. 19, 1893 AEt 93 yrs. “Gone but not forgotten.”

Jeremiah Elkins died May 12, 1876, AEt 57 yrs. 9 ms. “We shall meet again.”

Nancy L. wife of Jeremiah Elkins, died Aug. 9, 1851, aged 28 yrs. 10 mo.

Melvinah, daughter of Jonathan & Eliza Elkins, died July 12, 1852, aged 2 yrs. 7 mos. [A verse, but difficult to read.] [Her age was read as 12 yrs. 7 mos. in the new compilation of Hampton vital records by Sanborn and Sanborn, but this is an error where the ‘d’ in ‘aged’ was read as the number 1.]

Amanda, dau. of Jonathan & Eliza. Elkins, died Oct. 17, 1851 aged 7 mo. & 9 ds. [A verse, but difficult to read.]

Eliza A. Elkins died Sept. 21, 1863 aged 39 yrs. 7 mo.

Jonathan Elkins died June 8, 1878 Aged 59 yrs. [An illegible inscription on the bottom was deciphered by Eaton in 1932 as reading: “A member of Co. I, 15th Reg. N.H.V.” This would be a regiment of New Hampshire volunteers in the Civil War. He was a Private from October 24, 1862 to August 13, 1863, when his term of service expired after 9 months. This information is verified in Joseph Dow’s History of Hampton, N.H., 1638 to 1892.]