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View of the Sanborn Yard on November 19, 2002

This cemetery was previously visited only by Folsom. Inclusive dates: 1829-1907. It includes two pet graves. It is located on private property at 10 Gale Rd. in the western part of town. View a map. This property was once in possession of the Simon Sanborn family, and the house was located along Exeter Road. The cemetery was located on the edge of the Sanborn farm’s back field. In 1936 the old Sanborn home was moved back deeper onto the property, fairly close to the cemetery, and was expanded to later become the home of Dr. and Mrs. Wayne P. Bryer. In the 1990s, after Dr. Bryer’s death, the property was broken up by the construction of a new neighborhood, and the house’s address became 10 Gale Avenue. 624 Exeter Road is now the location of a new home. [Data verified on site in 1986 and in v.2 of Vital Records of Hampton, New Hampshire to the end of the year 1900 by George Freeman Sanborn Jr. and Melinde Lutz Sanborn.]

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Nehemiah Sanborn, Died Mar. 25, 1848, aged 70 yrs. “When I lie buried in the dust, My flesh shall be thy care; These with’ring limbs with thee I trust, To raise them strong and fair.”

Lydia wife of Nehemiah Sanborn died Feb. 3, 1836 [aged 56 yrs.] [Last section is underground, and is taken from Folsom].

Woodbridge, son of Nehemiah & Lydia Sanborn, died August 24, 1829, aged 14 years, 10 mo. [Buried verse].

Lovicia dau. of Mr. Samuel & Mrs. Hannah Rockwood died June 16, 1830. AE 2 ys. & 2 ms.

Simon Sanborn Serg Elkin’s Co 1 NH Regt Rev War Sep 28 1738 Jul 11 1808 [He actually died July 10, 1808, according to several different records. Dow also says he was born Sept. 28, 1736, not 1738.]

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[RIGHT Side] Nehemiah Sanborn 1778-1848
Lydia Lovering his wife 1779-1836.

[LEFT Side] Sally Sanborn 1797-1886
Clarissa A. Sanborn 1818-1896
Martha W. Sanborn 1820-1903
Woodbridge Sanborn 1815-1829

Anna M. Brown 1838-1907.

Mother Mary Sanborn wife of Horatio G. Brown 1805-1891.

Father Horatio G. Brown died Jan. 26, 1875, AEt. 76 Yrs. “At rest.”

Mary A. daughter of H.G. & M.J. Brown, died Sept. 10, 1843 aged 20 mo.

Sarah E. daughter of H.G. & M.J. Brown, died Oct. 31, 1845. aged 14 years 7 mo.

The following two are stones marking the graves of family pets.

Robert Browning Miss Stantons Pet Cat

Little Lady Pitapat died Aug 9, 1913.