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View of Shaw Cemetery taken on April 21, 2004
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This cemetery was previously visited by Folsom and Goss. Inclusive dates: 1718-1858. It is located on Route One south of town in the area near where the northbound lane splits from the southbound lane, across from the Tidewater Campground (which is owned by the Shaw family and is their ancestral property going back to the 1600’s). View a map. [Data verified on site in 1986 and in v.2 of Vital Records of Hampton, New Hampshire to the end of the year 1900 by George Freeman Sanborn Jr. and Melinde Lutz Sanborn.]

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Ruth dau. of John & Zepporah Shaw died Nov. 9, 1835, aged 33 yrs, [1 mo, 12 ds.] [Last part of age is underground and is taken from Folsom and confirmed by the genealogical section of Dow’s History of Hampton.]

John Shaw, died Augt. 9, 1844, AE 83 yrs. 2 mo. “They die in Jesus & are bless’d; How kind their slumbers are, From suff’rings & from sins releas’d, And freed from ev’ry snare.”

In memory of Mrs. Ruth Shaw wife of Mr. Edward Shaw who Died May 29 1798, in the 76th Year of her age. — Footstone

In memory of Mr. Edward Shaw who Died July 16, 17[87] in the 64th Year of his Age. [Year is illegible in 1986, and is taken from Folsom and confirmed by Goss and the genealogical section of Dow’s History of Hampton.] — Footstone

1702 Benjamin Shaw, Born July, 1641 Dyed 1718 [Folsom and Goss say it reads 1713, the genealogical section of Dow’s History of Hampton says it is 1718. Town records state specifically that he died December 31, 1717, so the stone likely says 1718 and the carver put the wrong year in. The date of 1702 carved in the beginning was put there years before. Shaw carved it himself as a prediction and missed the mark by several years.]

Betsey G. wife of —— [Remainder illegible in 1986, but Folsom copied it as “Simeon Shaw d. Aug. 25, 1858 ae 93 yrs, 5 ms.” Goss agrees with this.]

Simeon Shaw died Sept. 6, 1842; AE 85 yrs. 3 mo. “When I lie bury’d deep in dust, My flesh shall be thy care; These with’ring limbs with thee I trust, To raise them strong & fair.”

Mary Shaw died Aug. 14, 1840 AE 91 yrs. 3 mo.

M.S. d: 1725 [This footstone pertains to an unknown individual. There are several people whom this could be using Dow’s History of Hampton as a guide.]

HS 3y DY 1717 [This footstone pertains to an unknown individual, presumably a Shaw child, that can’t be identified through using Dow’s History of Hampton].

A genealogy of the Robie family (Robey, William Grafton, Jr., “Robey/Roby/Robie: The Family History from Early England to America,” 1994, p.9) states that the immigrant Henry Robie married, as his third wife, a Sarah Shaw, and both of them were buried in the Shaw Cemetery. It says that while no stone marked the grave of Henry there was a stone marking the grave of Sarah. By the time these Shaw cemetery records were first compiled in the 1980s there was no stone for a Sarah Shaw or Sarah Robie, so it is likely that the author of the Robie genealogy was quoting the work of a much earlier genealogist who may have seen a stone that once was there. Other credible sources state that the name of Robie’s third wife is not known, and there is no unclaimed Sarah Shaw in the Shaw family to explain where she would fit