Hampton Veterans Buried In Cemeteries Outside Of The Hamptons

Compiled by John M. Holman, Hampton History Volunteer

From American Legion Post 35 records.

June 19, 2000
ARMEN, Thomas C. ? WWI No West Lebanon, NH
AUSTIN, Frank Sawyer US Army WWI No Belleville Cemetery,
Newburyport, MA
BERRY, Leland W. ? WWII No Central Cemetery, Rye
BOWEN, Lester W. USCG WWII No Woodlawn Cemetery,
Everett, MA
DAVIS, Charles Joseph US Army WWI No Belleville Cemetery,
Newburyport, MA
DELANCEY, Clyde P. US Army WWI No Edgell Grove Cemetery,
Framingham, MA
DOWNS, Thomas J. US Army WWI No National Cemetery,
Long Island, NY
ELDREDGE, Elmer E. ? WWI No Memorial Park Cemetery
St. Petersburg, FL
ETHERIDGE, William Hill Canadian Exp. Forces, WWI No Family lot, Rye, NH
FAGAN, John Joseph US Navy WWI No Old St. Mary Cemetery,
Dover, NH
FIELDSEND, Chester A. Jr. ? WWII No Exeter Cemetery,
Exeter, NH
FISHER, Robert W. U. S. Army WWII No Holy Rosary Cemetery,
Rochester, NH
FLEMING, Henry Stone US Army WWI No ?
GALLAGHER, John W. US Army WWII No Gate of Heaven Cemetery,
Hawthorne, NY
GARLAND, Arthur V. US Army WWI No Maple Lane Cemetery,
Stratham, NH
GRAY, Roland Mitchell US Army WWII Yes Private Cemetery,
East Shore Road,
Southport, ME
HANSUCKER, Harry Theodore USMC WWI No Calvary Cemetery,
HANSUCKER, Katherine T. US Navy WWI No Calvary Cemetery,
HART, William John US Navy WWI & WWII No Calvary Cemetery,
HEANEY, Joseph Bernard US Navy WWI No Central Cemetery, Rye, NH
JANVRIN, George Roland ? WWI No Elmwood Cemetery,
Hazelwood Rd.,
Bradford, MA.
JANVRIN, Richard M. US Army WWII No Central Cemetery, Rye, NH
KEE, Harrison E. Jr. USAF WWII, Korea, Vietnam No Woodbrook Cemetery,
Newbury, MA.
KELLEY, Augustine Francis US Navy WWI No Immaculate Conception Cem.,
Lawrence, MA.
KELLEY, Mark Elbridge US Army WWII No Body donated for science,
KENT, Ernest US Navy WWI No ?
KERNAN, Randal US Army WWI No Lot #?, Section 7,
Arlington National Cemetery
KREGER, Arthur US Army WWII No Smithtown Cemetery,
Seabrook, NH
LaTOURETTE, John M. US Army WWI No Edson Cemetery, Lowell, MA
LUIPPOLD, George Frederick USAF WWI & WWII No Stratham Cemetery, Stratham
McNULTY, Edward Francis US Navy WWI No Calvary Cemetery, Waltham, MA
MILOTTE, Maurice A. USAF WWII No Old Sacred Heart Cemetery,
New Bedford, MA
MORRISSETTE, J. Raymond US Navy WWII No St. Joseph Cemetery,
East Chelmsford, MA.
MORSE, Leon N. ? WWII No Buried 12/24/76 -- ?
MULLIGAN, Hugh US Army WWII No Pine Grove Cemetery,
Raymond, NH
NICKERSON, Wells G ? WWI No Family lot, Rye, NH
OAKES, Guy L. Sr. USAF WWII No Bangor, ME
O'DONNELL, John H. US Navy WWII No Presque Isle, ME
PARTRIDGE, Robert R. US Army WWI No Great Hill Cemetery,
Chester, NH
TOWLE, Clayton Hiram US Navy WWI No Mount Hope Cemetery,
Bangor, ME
TREES, Harry J. US Army WWI No Walnut Grove Cemetery,
Methuen, MA
WIGGIN, Earl US Army WWII No Newmarket, NH