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View of Ye Old Neighborhood Cemetery
on November 19, 2002

This cemetery, also referred to as the Exeter Road Cemetery, was previously visited by Eaton and Folsom. Inclusive dates: 1800-1933. It is located on private property up a driveway at 447 Exeter Rd. View a map. [Data verified on site in 1986 and in v.2 of Vital Records of Hampton, New Hampshire to the end of the year 1900 by George Freeman Sanborn Jr. and Melinde Lutz Sanborn.]

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Huldah James died Jan. 31, 1892 AEt 81 yrs.

Capt. Samuel James died Mar. 22, 1860 aged 84 yrs. 7 mo. [Includes War of 1812 marker]

Meribah, wife of Capt. Samuel James died Jan. 7, 1857, aged 80 yrs. 5 mo. & 9 ds. “The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord.”

Samuel James born March 16, 1815. died July 2, 1886.

Martha L. wife of Samuel James Born Dec. 28, 1815 Died Oct. 29, 1897.

Martha E. dau. of Sam’l. & Martha L. James, died Sept. 17, 1849; aged 11 mos. 10 ds.

Albert L. son of Samuel & Martha L. James, died July 28, 1870, aged 15 yrs. 11 ms.

Jonathan L. son of Samuel & Martha L. James, died Aug. 29, 1870, aged 19 yrs. 11 ms.

David S. James born Aug. 2, 1846 – died Feb. 10, 1914.

Annie L. wife of Ralph S. James. 1854-1931.

Ralph S. son of Samuel & Martha James. 1858-1933.

Harriet daughter of Jonathan & Joanna Elkins died Sept. 19, 1834 aged 2 yrs. & 19 d. [A verse, but difficult to read] [This stone is in an area of the cemetery where there are few headstones but many unmarked footstones indicative of additional graves. These may be her family members.]

In memory of Hannah daughter of Samuel & Meribah James who died August 25, 1800 Aged 22 months & 20 days.

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Joshua, son of Samuel & Meribah James died Dec 2, 1828 aged 19 yrs.

John, son of Ira & Rhoda James died Dec. 24, 1834 aged 10 mo, 10 days.

Mary, dau. of Capt. Samuel & Meribah James died April 6, 1834 aged 27 yrs.

Thodate [sic] Fogg died Sep. 27, 1857, Aged 87 y’rs.

Sarah Fogg died April 23, 1860 Aged 86 y’rs.

[ON ONE STONE] John Fogg Died Oct. 10, 1828 Aged 87 y’rs.
Elizabeth, his wife Died Jan. 17, 1834 Aged 88 y’rs.
Esther, their daughter Died Nov. 15, 1828 Aged 45 y’rs.
John Fogg, Jr. Died Apr. 8, 1831 Aged 62 y’rs.
Abigail, his wife died Apr. 23, 1809 Aged 35 y’rs.
Elizabeth, their dau. Died Aug. 21, 1800 Aged 1 y’r.
Erected by Mary Fogg

In Memory of Mr. Nathl. Batchelder, Jr. who died Feby. 22d, 1802. AEt 38.

The next four stones are all in a separate fenced-in lot within the cemetery.

Mr. Levi Batchelder Died Aug. 26, 1823, Aged 58 yrs.

Deborah widow of Levi Batchelder died Nov. 10, 1839 AE. 72 yrs. 10 mo. “Blessed are the dead who do die in the Lord from henceforth”

Mr. Cotton W. Batchelder died July 12, 1825. aged 32 yrs. & 10 M.

Mary, widow of Sanborn Batchelder, Died Oct [2]1, 1857 aged 8[3] yrs. [This stone has a severe crack through it that obscures the numbers 21 and 83. Folsom in 1938 was able to read them, although when she found this stone it was in another lot that has since been moved for road construction. This stone is the only one from that lot that was relocated to this cemetery. For more information, see note at the end of the listing for this cemetery.]

Deborah wife of Joshua Towle, died Sept. 22, 1867, Aged 89 y’rs. 5 mo’s.

Ruth W. wife of Thomas L. Batchelder Died Nov. 18, 1870 Aged 55 yrs. 6 mos. & 18 das.

Thomas L. Batchelder Died Sept. 24, 1887, Aged 78 yrs. 4 ms.

Abraham Towle died Sept. 2, 1885. Aged 75 y’rs. 6 mo’s.

John Towle, Co. F, 19 Mass. Inf. [No dates].

NOTE: Among Folsom‘s records from 1938 is a listing for a small private cemetery containing three stones. She claims to have found it in a “small walled-in lot on Hampton Road, near or opposite Batchelder places.” This cemetery was at one time along Exeter Road a few hundred yards or so west of the junction with Timber Swamp Road, but was moved when road improvements were made. One of the three stones was moved into “Ye Old Neighborhood Cemetery” as noted above (Mary Batchelder) but the other two I could not locate. The bodies were reportedly moved to the current town cemetery on High Street, but they cannot be located in that cemetery. It seems unlikely that Mary Batchelder would have been re-buried in this cemetery and her husband Sanborn Batchelder moved elsewhere. As recorded by Folsom in 1938, they were:

Warren W. Batchelder son of Nathaniel and Sarah A. Batchelder d. Jan 15 1856 ae 15 yrs 2 ms.

Sanborn Batchelder d. July 21 1850 ae 79 yrs.

Folsom made her record without copying the inscriptions verbatim. She used her own abbrevations for “died” and “aged” regardless of what it said on the stone.