Hampton’s 325th Anniversary, 1638 – 1963

List of Illustrations Unrelated To Articles

  • Looking towards Whittier’s Corner from just east of town offices. Old Town Hall on right, Congregational Church on left.
  • Exeter Road and RR Crossing at extreme left. Building on right is now the “Goody Cole” room at Lamie’s Tavern.
  • Post Office Block, (“Merrill Block”) Hampton, on High Street, site of present (1963) Hampton National Bank.
  • Whittier’s Corner, Hampton
  • Plowing snow with oxen at Whittier’s Corner. Whittier Hotel in background.
  • Huge Boulder Containing Bronze Tablet denotes the central point of interest at the Meeting House Green Memorial Park in Hampton. The park and the monument were established to honor the original founders of Hampton under the leadership of Rev. Stephen Bachiler of Southampton, England.
  • The Square, in the center of town, Hampton, N.H.
  • Founder’s Park. Original towns which comprised “Old Hampton” were paid tribute with the establishment of this lasting memorial located in Hampton. Each member town was named with a huge stone monument similar to the one denoting Seabrook as shown here. The smaller rocks which outline the Meeting House Green Memorial Park came, for the most part, from the farms and homes of the original early settlers of “Old Hampton.” Each stone contains the date of the settling and the name of the family.

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