Hampton Academy & Winnacunnet High School Alumni Association

65th Anniversary Historic Souvenir Booklet

By Arthur J. Moody ’53 — 1972

Edited by John M. Holman ’47, Hampton History Volunteer
Lane Memorial Library, Hampton, N.H.

– PAGE 1 –

In this anno Domini 1972 — on the downhill portion of the 20th century — your Alumni Association officers thought it would be in order to take a nostalgic glance backward at the 65-year history of the Association. It was also considered quite proper to go back beyond our 1907 founding to 1810 in order t o cover the early history of Hampton Academy and its Board of Trustees. And, appropriately, this Historic Booklet is being published as of February 14, 1972, the 333 1/3rd anniversary of the settlement of Hampton (or “Winnacunnet” as it was called the first year). During the last half of that one-third of a millennium, Hampton Academy and Winnacunnet High School have played a significant role in the life and progress of Hampton and neighboring towns which, until well into the 18th century, were a part of the original Hampton. Seacoast towns have always been represented on the Board of Trustees of Hampton Academy. Now, four of those towns — Hampton, Hampton Falls, North Hampton and Seabrook — are reunited in the Winnacunnet Cooperative School District for the purpose of high-school education. As we commemorate secondary education in the Seacoast Area, it is also fitting to note that Hampton, one of the first incorporated places in New Hampshire, was the site of the first public school (a primary school supported by taxation) in the State.

On behalf of the Alumni Association, the Editor, Art Moody ’53, extends appreciation for assistance to all who cooperated in the completion of this publishing venture. The advertisers and patrons are especially singled out for their financial support via complimentary ads and listings, respectively. Late last year, announcement of this publication was published in area newspapers in order to enlist the support of Alumni, teachers and friends. Also copies of the announcement were mailed to over 250 Alumni with all classes from 1904 represented. To those who were able to answer that call for old class and reunion photos and school memorabilia, we express ow sincere thanks. If somewhat uneven treatment of the 84 graduating classes encompassing 3,370 graduates is noted, it’s simply because no reproducible material was forthcoming from members of some classes. We did, however, receive useful input from Alumni residing in towns from Pascagoula, Miss., to Portland, Me., with most of the items coming from Rockingham County members. Credit to those who supplied photos is given beneath the reproductions of their contributions (those without attribution are, for the most part, by the Editor). Special appreciation for assistance goes to area daily and weekly newspapers for publicity; Dr. Harold L. Pierson for his writing contribution; Edith E. Hammond, Executive Assistant to the Supervisory Union 21 Superintendent of Schools; Mrs. Elsie B. Emslie, Executive Secretary to the W.H.S. Principal; Mrs. June (Bogrett) Maloney ’41, Secretary to the W.H.S. Guidance Director; Bruce E. Russell, Former Headmaster of H.A. & H.S. and W.H.S. teacher; Robert J. Dodge, W.H.S. Athletic Director; and Mrs. Shirley H. Batchelder, Hampton artist and graphics supervisor at Woodbury Press. Much support and material were supplied by the Meeting House Green Memorial and Historical Association, Inc. (“Hampton Historical Society”) and its Tuck Museum. Particularly, we thank the following officers
of the Society: John M. Holman ’47, Curator, Tuck Museum; Harold E. Fernald, Jr. ’49, historian (and Advisor to the W.H.S. Historical Society); and Samuel A. Towle ’22, President, who, as President of the Academy Board of Trustees also supplied records of the Board – as did its Secretary, O. Raymond Garland ’14.

These pages contain the past. We sincerely hope that the nostalgia of yesteryear will strengthen the Alumni Association of tomorrow. See you at our 66th Annual Reunion Banquet In June!

“I caught the fire from those who went before,
The hearers of the torch who could not see
The goal to which they strained.
I caught their fire,
And carried it a little way beyond;
But there are those who wait for it, I know,
Those who will carry it on to victory.”

-Alfred Noyes (1880-1958)

The 1971-72 Officers of the
Hampton Academy and Winnacunnet
High School Alumni Association
Post Office Box 8
Hampton, New Hampshire 03842
February 14, 1972