Hampton Academy & Winnacunnet High School Alumni Association
65th Anniversary, Historic Souvenir Booklet, 1972

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Members and guests at the Association’s 65th Annual Reunion Banquet held on June 26, 1971, at Yoken’s Restaurant, Portsmouth. Photo by Rick Tilton, Hampton Union Staff Photographer)

Retiring President Robert C. Trumbull ’58 presents a floral bouquet to Hilda (Paulsen) Morse ’22 for longest consecutive attendance: 50 banquets from 1922 through 1971. Mrs. Morse was elected Secretary at the meeting. (an Artpix photo)

Wilson “Bill” Dennett, with “straw Class of ’46 hat,” represented his Silver Anniversary Class at the 1971 Banquet. Across from him is his wife, Margaret, who taught at the High School in the early 1950s. Seated next to Mrs. Dennett are Pat and Paul Vatcher ’53, past President of the Association. (an Artpix photo)