Hampton Academy & Winnacunnet High School Alumni Association
65th Anniversary, Historic Souvenir Booklet, 1972

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Hampton Academy and High School (1926-1958)
Winnacunnet High School (1959-1971)

65th Anniversary Historic Souvenir Booklet

By Art Moody ’53 — 1972


Generally, Alumni Medals have been awarded to graduating seniors on the basis of both academic accomplishment and extracurricular activity. In the list below, the number within parentheses after the year is the total number of graduates in that year’s graduating class. Recipients are listed each year in the order that the Medals were awarded (First Medal, Second Medal, Third Medal), although, in some instances (especially to Academy recipients), no guarantee is made that the order of listing is correct. Only two Medals were presented in both 1926 and 1935; a tie for Second Medal in 1960 resulted in four Medals being presented. (Medalists are listed alphabetically for 1972)

The Medals program – begun in 1926 – has been continued for Winnacunnet High School. The names of W.H.S. winners are engraved on a plaque which is kept on permanent display at the high school. (There was no similar plaque for H.A. & H.S. winners.) A photograph of the W.H.S. plaque appears elsewhere. All 43 W.H.S. recipients to date achieved Academic Excellence (scholastic honors) and National Honor Society membership. In the 33 years of the award to 97 H.A. & H.S. seniors, (67 Medals went to Hampton residents (including 4 who lived at the Beach), 15 went to North Hampton residents, 14 to students from Hampton Falls and 1 to a Senior who lived in Seabrook. It should he noted that large numbers of students from the last three towns named did not choose to attend the Academy until 1941 and after, when the new facilities were available.

1926 (14)

Dorothy Elizabeth Parr, North Hampton
Philip Nudd, Hampton Beach

1927 (16)

Marjorie Virginia Wood, Hampton
Alice Harriett Tarr, North Hampton
Allan Peter Skoog, Hampton

1928 (11)

Frances Lillian Drew, Hampton
Evelyn Mae Brown, Hampton
Fred Ernest Allen, North Hampton

1929 (15)

Constance Tobey, Hampton
Philip Eugene Janvrin, Hampton Falls
Walter Morris Perkins, Hampton

1930 (22)

Richard Nathaniel Munsey, Hampton
Katherine Miller Cram, Hampton Falls
Constance Lee Adams, Hampton

1931 (19)

Robert Edson Mace, Hampton
Harold Arthur Brown, Hampton Falls
Kenneth Warren Swain, Hampton Falls

1932 (16)

Edward Seymour Seavey, Jr., Hampton
Grace Valentine MacDonald, Hampton
Stella Louise Shaw, Hampton

1933 (14)

Doris Marion Seavey, Hampton
Janet Marjorie Cook, Hampton
Thelma Florence Paige, Hampton

1934 (13)

Edith Warren Emery, Hampton
Harry Alfred Parr, Hampton
John Gilman Cram, Hampton Falls

1935 (17)

Norman Milton Dearborn, Hampton
Nelson Whitney Tobey, Hampton

1936 (21)

Margaret Thisbe Noyes, Hampton
Dorothy Lois Carter, North Hampton
Margareta Elsa Carlson, Hampton

1937 (19)

Elizabeth Mary Toppan, Hampton
Ada Isabella Nudd, Hampton
Clayton Thomas Stewart, Hampton Beach

1938 (31)

Edward William Tobey,
Hampton Minnie Mae Kuntz, Hampton
Natalie Mildred Burnham, Hampton

1939 (22)

Elizabeth Tobey, Hampton
Marjorie Louise Paulsen, Hampton
Ardena Lorraine King, Hampton

1940 (23)

Dorice Frances Elkins, Hampton Falls
Elsie Edith Dearborn, Hampton
Mildred Augusta Emery, Hampton

1941 (19)

John Melvin LaTourette, Hampton
June Bogrett, Hampton
Barbara Jane Butler, Hampton Beach

1942 (24)

Laura Mae Elkins, Hampton Falls
Betty Jane Brown, Hampton
Edwin Llewellyn Batchelder, Jr., Hampton

1943 (32)

Robert Carlton Smith, Hampton Falls
Gerald Miles Batchelder, Hampton Falls
Marvis Emma Young, Hampton

1944 (25)

Norma Irene Emery, Hampton
Carolyn Frances Wentworth, North Hampton
Ernest Miller Junkins, Jr., Hampton Beach

1945 (36)

Shirley Ann Brown, Hampton
Rachel May Burnham, Hampton
Priscilla Marvis Leonard, North Hampton

1946 (34)

Wayne Irvin Elliot, Hampton
Jane Eleanor McGaw, North Hampton
Harvey Owen Elliot, Hampton

1947 (38)

Dorothy Ann Henderson, Hampton
Frederick Bruce Russell, Hampton
Robert Allan Jeralds, North Hampton

1948 (50)

Arlene Tobey, Hampton
Ada May Heal, Hampton Falls
Mary Joyce Drake, North Hampton

1949 (40)

Gwendolyn Paul, Hampton
Jo-Ann Marie Pelkey, Hampton
Alan Burnham Weeks, Hampton

1950 (51)

Joanne Hobbs, North Hampton
Bernard-William Milton Campbell, Hampton
Louise Ann Russell, Hampton

1951 (45)

Carl Sheldon Campbell, Hampton
Jacquelyn Hoar, Hampton
Murray Lawrence Smith, North Hampton

1952 (51)

Paul Kendall Hobbs, North Hampton
Patricia Marie Walker, Hampton
Ann Carol Trumbull, Hampton

1953 (47)

Barbara Ann Doyle, Hampton
Barbara Ann Chaddock, Hampton Falls
Rochelle Norma Kaye, Hampton Falls

1954 (39)

Raymond Conrad Clark, Hampton
Janet Eleanor Bundy, Hampton
Elaine Sylvia Scruton, Hampton Falls

1955 (48)

Mary Ruth Oliver, North Hampton
Sandra Josephine Blake, Hampton
Paula Anita Hammond, Hampton

1956 (48)

Thomas Joseph Burke, Hampton
Frederick Colton Rice, Hampton
Eleanor L. deRochemont, Hampton

1957 (52)

Jason Telfair Anderson, Hampton
Roland Dennis Dionne, Seabrook
Shaun Gardner Berry, North Hampton

1958 (42)

Judson Ray Scruton, Hampton Falls
Josephine Anne Lamprey, North Hampton
Margarette Wilma White, Hampton

1959 (65)

Diane Filley, North Hampton
Mary Elizabeth Cowie, Hampton
Edwin Louis Lamie, Hampton

1960 (86)

James Lee Israel, Hampton
Timothy Haley Brooks, Hampton
Nancy Jean Kitzmiller, North Hampton
Mary Eloise Agnes McKeon, North Hampton

1961 (113)

Carolyn Ann Brown, North Hampton
Susan Gay Scott, Hampton
Patricia Ann Coulter, Hampton

1962 (123)

Nancy Jane Hamilton, Hampton
Kenneth Ray Israel, Hampton
Meredith Rose Dobson, Seabrook

1963 (105)

Gary Wade Hampton, Hampton
Christine Mary Seidel, North Hampton
Elaine Louise King, North Hampton

1964 (159)

Woodbury Pierce Fogg, North Hampton
Marilyn Rundlett Mudge, Hampton
True Adelaide Kelley, Hampton Falls

1965 (176)

Veronica Jean Pinkham, Seabrook
Karen Ray Bushold, Hampton
Daniel Edward Kierstead, North Hampton

1966 (186)

Gregory Andrew Pickering, Hampton
Candice Marie Crapo, Hampton
Ernest J. Blanchard IV, North Hampton

1967 (213)

Janet Elaine Blatchford, Hampton
June Grace Charters, Hampton
Thomas Michael Hartnett, North Hampton

1968 (205)

Michele Fae Demarest, North Hampton
Stephen David Hume, Hampton
Dale Arthur Jovin, Hampton

1969 (200)

David Lee Hartnett, North Hampton
Mary Martha Thomson, North Hampton
Nan-Lynn Kimball, Hampton

1970 (207)

Leo R. Charpentier, Hampton
Martha Elizabeth McEntee, Hampton
Dianne Judith Andrews, North Hampton

1971 (226)

Teresa Jean Elliot, North Hampton
Carol Leslie Cummings, Hampton
Richard Dennis O’Neil, Hampton


Mark Leo Cowdrey, North Hampton
Anthony Charles Janetos, Hampton
Craig Edwin Parker, North Hampton