Hampton Academy & Winnacunnet High School Alumni Association
65th Anniversary, Historic Souvenir Booklet, 1972

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Class of 1927 in 1925: Sitting (and standing) for their Sophomore Class portrait, all 16 members of the 1927 graduating class are present on the lawn of the Academy (Academy Avenue is to the group’s rear). Sitting, left to right: Marjorie V. Wood, Edith M. Rowe, Mary E. McIntosh, Alice H. Tarr, Alicia Strout, Miss Myrtle L. Grover (Commercial Teacher), Enid L. Wyman, Mildred F. Collins, Dorothy Gilpatrick, Elsie Batchelder, Jeannie W. Cash, Elizabeth J. Tilton and Elsie M. Felch. Standing, from left: Wilfred R. Cunningham, Hollis R. Johnson, Allan P. Skoog, Alvin G. Emery, Joseph L. Fearer, Carlisle E. Moody, A Roland Bragg, Joseph E. Raymond, Clayton Hanson and Arthur W. Noyes. All the students except the Misses Strout, Gilpatrick, Batchelder and Cash, and Messrs. Hanson and Noyes were still with the Class two years later for graduation. The Class of ’27 has held frequent reunions since graduation and will hold its 45th (sapphire) anniversary reunion this June (1972). [courtesy of Wilfred Cunningham ’27]

Class of ’27; Twentieth Anniversary Reunion: Twenty years after graduation, on July 3, 1947, 14 of the 16 graduates assembled with their former Headmaster at Ye Cock and Kettle, Seabrook, for this reunion photo. Front, from left: Mary McIntosh Randall, Mildred Collins Trumbull, Enid Wyman Ford, Alice Tarr Appiani, Elizabeth Tilton Shaw, Marjorie Wood and Edith Rowe Warner. Rear: Wilfred Cunningham, Hollis Johnson, Joseph Fearer, Roland Bragg, former Headmaster Russell H. Leavitt (then an official with the N.H. Department of Education), Dr. Allan Skoog, Alvin Emery and Joseph Raymond. Not present were Elsie Felch Hunt and Carlisle Moody. [courtesy of Elizabeth Tilton Shaw ’27]

Class of ’27; Silver Anniversary Reunion: Twelve came back in 1952 for the 25th reunion held in the Goody Cole Room at Lamie’s Tavern, Hampton. Miss Grover, their teacher 27 years before (see 1925 photo at top), joined them. Front, from left: Mildred Collins Trumbull, Alice Tarr Appiani, Miss Myrtle L. Grover (former Academy Commercial teacher), Elizabeth Tilton Shaw and Marjorie Wood. Rear from left: Wilfred Cunningham (in his customary spot), Joseph Raymond, Enid Wyman Ford, Roland Bragg, Joseph Fearer, Alvin Emery, Edith Rowe Warner and Hollis Johnson. [courtesy of Elizabeth Tilton Shaw ’27]