Hampton Academy & Winnacunnet High School Alumni Association
65th Anniversary, Historic Souvenir Booklet, 1972

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Shown above is the one-story building with higher “Cafetorium” and gym at left and top:
In 1963, W.H.S. received academic accreditation from the New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools (now called the N.E. Assn. of Schools and Colleges), the regional accrediting association for all public and private education above the elementary level. [from the “Sachem”, 1963]

This 1966 aerial photo shows the major, two-story addition of 1964-65 (section nearest camera — the south side): That project added 19 classrooms, about 12 special-purpose rooms and offices,s and girls’ locker and music facilities (the latter in the area at top right near the gym). The all-inclusive cost was $661,500 (bonds being sanctioned by voters in 1964 and 1965). The additions were ready by the fall of 1965. In 1971, a $75,000, three-room addition was constructed for Industrial Arts, “filling in” the area at top (north) between the “Cafetorium” and gym.
[Photo by D. Arthur Knowles ’59]

By Fall of 1967, the football stadium was completed and other athletic fields developed. Still other sports facilities were constructed in later years.
[Photo courtesy of S.U. 21]