Hampton Academy & Winnacunnet High School Alumni Association
65th Anniversary, Historic Souvenir Booklet, 1972

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{From the “Sachem,” 1959 Yearbook.}

Should you ask me whence this legend,
Whence these students and these teachers —

I should answer, I should tell you,
From the lodges of New Hampshire,
From the groves of singing pine trees,
From these came our Winnacunnet.

Sing the Song of Winnacunnet,
Sing of wondrous birth and being
That the tribes of men might prosper.
That it might advance its people.

On the coast of old New England,
Urgent need of education
Called the tribes of men together,
Who conceived our Winnacunnet.

By the shores of Hampton River
By the shining Big-Sea-Water
Grew our school of Winnacunnet,
Grew Our school of wondrous beauty.

There the genial Mr. Tanzi
Nursed the little Winnacunnet
Till it was a place of learning
And became a school with spirit.

Long the hours that we have spent here,
Some in joy and some in sadness.
Some in longing for the freedom
Of the lovely, warm spring weather.

But we found a greater freedom
, Freedom of the mind to question,
Freedom of the mind to ponder
On the marvelous world around us.

Many things this school has taught us
Since we entered, small and frightened,
Apprehensive of the future
And the tasks that loomed before us.

Many things this school has taught us
Of the stars that shine in heaven,
Of the thoughts of other peoples,
Of our place in this our country.

Here we made fast friends and comrades,
Learned to love our teachers helpful,
Learned the value of our labor,
That real learning’s never done.

By the shores of Hampton River,
By the shining Big-Sea-Water,
At the door of Winnacunnet,
We, about to leave, stand ready.

All the air is full of freshness.
All the earth is bright and joyous,
And before us lies our future,
Visions of our great achievements.

As we leave this place of learning.
Leave our world of teenage pleasure,
This our prayer, Oh Winnacunnet,
May thy spirit always guide us.

Let us not forget these friendships
And the youthful goals envisioned,
Let us do our duty always
Prove ourselves a fit memorial.

Let us Sing of Winnacunnet,
Sing the Song of Winnacunnet,
Sing of wondrous birth and being,
That the tribes of men might prosper.
That it might advance its people.

This master-control console, situated in the W.H.S. principal’s outer office, provides two-way communications to 55 classrooms and intercom or P.A. connections to 35 other rooms, corridors and the exterior of the building. There is provision for expansion to a total of 100 rooms. The $6,000 system was a gift of the Academy Trustees in 1969-70.


{Not Attributed: From the “Sachem,” 1962 Yearbook.}

Straight as arrows, long have they stood,
Masters of all in the virgin wood.
Symbol of courage, of truth and of pride,
Of a matchless strength that has not died.

They alone their mantles hold
While Winter shrieks, and the year grows old.
Stately at sunset, majestic in storm,
Gentle with breezes when the winds blow warm.

Friends of the white man and Indian before;
Praised in song and in ancient lore.
Beloved by the families who first landed here.
Far from their homelands; alone; without cheer.

Houses they made, and protection they gave,
Dying themselves the White Man to save.
The settlers were grateful, they did not forget,
So gave to their town the name WINNACUNNET.