Hampton Academy & Winnacunnet High School Alumni Association
65th Anniversary, Historic Souvenir Booklet, 1972

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By Arthur J. Moody, Class of ’53

The Alumni Association



Ashworth; 136 diners (104 Alumni, four teachers and 28 guests); group singing led by Norman Leavitt with Alice Noyes ’20 at the piano; Pres. John W. Perkins ’20 welcomed all 23 members of the recent graduating class; Class Pres. Albert B. Wright thanked the Assn.; the Class Ode, written by Velma M. Mace, was sung with Mildred A. Emery at the piano; Christopher S. Toppan was the only member present from the six-graduate Class of 1890, celebrating its 50th Anniversary; resolution on the death of Arthur Noyes; Trustees’ Pres. Howard Lane ’87 gave a brief talk to the graduates; Adeline C. Marston ’02 spoke on the need for a constitution and set of bylaws for the Assn.; Miss Marston, Paul Hobbs ’25 and H.C. Lane ’87 were appointed a bylaws committee; Headmaster Russell spoke on the cooperation that he had received and stressed the value of being able to turn to the home, the church and the community for that assistance; Pres. Perkins introduced the principal speaker, Dr. C. Ray Hanson of Canton, Ill., noted lawyer and criminologist commonly known as “Chicago’s gang smasher”; Dr. Hanson spoke on his spectacular experiences as undercover investigator among Chicago racketeers.
(Gracia Hill ’03, Sec.)


Ashworth; June 14; 116 diners ($1 each paid Mr. Ashworth); the meeting “was opened by observing a few moments of silent prayer followed by the audible rendition of ‘The Lord’s Prayer'”; the diners “enjoyed one of Mr. Ashworth’s famous turkey dinners interspersed with singing of old time songs, led by our Vice President Edward S. Seavey, Jr., with past President Norman M. Leavitt at the piano”; after a few words from Class Pres. John M. LaTourette, the 19 members of the Class of ’41 sang their Class Ode; during the Roll Call of Classes, to which a total of 81 members responded, a surprise came with the response to “1894” when a $50 cash gift was announced by the three members of that class in attendance (out of seven living members) – the gift was for the purchase of any needed article for the new school; the new Bylaws, seven articles long, were approved; the name of the Assn. was officially changed to “Hampton Academy and High School Alumni Association,” the object of the Assn. being “to promote the welfare of Hampton Academy and High School”; all persons who attended H.A. & H.S. or who were teachers in the school became eligible for membership but only graduates could become officers; the four officers formed the Executive Committee with other standing committees being Nominating, Resolution and Auditing; dues remained the same (50¢ per member per year); copies of the proposed Bylaws were sent to members with the announcement of the 1941 meeting; Pres. Hollis R. Johnson ’27 reported that the Alumni Dance held at the new school on April 5 netted the Assn. $25.56; brief remarks were heard from Headmaster Russell on the advantages of the new building; preliminary enrollment figures for next year showed 27 Seniors, 38 Juniors, 42 Sophomores and 56 incoming Freshmen; the business meeting closed with solos by Norman Leavitt; guest speaker: Rev. Ewart Edmund Turner, former pastor of the American Church in Berlin, Germany, and an official of the American
Committee for Christian Refugees; he spoke on his 10 years in Germany witnessing the rise of Hitler and called on the U.S. to aid “a reformed England” in her battle against him; resolution on the deaths of: Miss Maude S. Smart ’04; Leavitt Batchelder Brown ’07; and Mrs. Hazle (Leavitt) Smith ’13, designer of the Hampton Town Seal.
(Gracia Hill ’03, Sec.)


H.A. & H.S. Auditorium; June 13, evening (all subsequent meetings have been in the evening, usually on a Saturday); catered by Hicks Catering Service, Lynn, Mass. (95c each paid Hicks); 165 diners; Rev. Floyd G. Kinsley offered prayer and Wilfred R. Cunningham ’27 led the assembly in singing during serving of dinner; Pres. Edward S. Seavey, Jr. ’32 welcomed all 24 graduates of the Class of ’42; the Class sang its Ode; Medal recipients were Laura M. Elkins, Betty J. Brown and Edwin L. Batchelder, Jr.; Roll Call: 112 Alumni and five teachers; the Class of ’87 enjoyed its 55th Reunion with five members present; Miss Anna May Cole, for 21 years a teacher at the Academy, was introduced; “An innovation this year was an afternoon ball game between the Alumni and High School teams which was won by the High School. Following the game a social tea was served at the School with Miss Margaret Tobey in charge, assisted by members of her domestic science class. After the evening banquet a dance, taking the place of our usual midwinter ball, was held” (a collection at the ball game netted $7.80); arrangements for the day were in charge of the officers plus Miss Margaret Tobey ’31, C. Hazel (Brown) Coffin ’19, Carl C. ’34 and Doris (Seavey) ’33 Bragg, and Wilfred R. Cunningham ’27; resolution read on the death of Belle (Kelton) Lane ’98, wife of Elmer C. Lane ’94 and mother of Eleanor (Lane) Brown ’26.
(Gracia Hill ’03, Sec.)


High School Audit.; Hicks Caterers ($1.25 each paid Hicks); 146 dined on roast beef; the tables were decorated with flowers from the garden of Mrs. Herbert Page; Pres. J. Herbert page introduced the guest speaker, Rev. Fenwick Fowler from the Baptist Church in Haverhill, who spoke on “Slogans” appealing to the present generation; Roll Call: 94 members and four teachers; the Class of ’43 sang its Class Ode accompanied by Norman Leavitt at the piano; brief remarks by Supt. Gillmore and Headmaster Russell; Sarah (Hobbs) Lane ’87 gave a summary of her high-school days at the Academy; resolution on the death of Wm. H. Blake ’22; the business meeting closed with the singing of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” in commemoration of the 12th Anniversary of it being designated our official National Anthem; Miss Adeline Marston ’02 asked everyone to sign cards of cheer for former teacher Anna May Cole, who was recuperating at the Hobbs’ Convalescent Home; the table flowers were also sent to her, courtesy of Mr. & Mrs. James F. Leavitt ’06; “Greeting cards were sent to all of our Boys in Service”; Mr. & Mrs. Norman M. Leavitt of North Hampton travelled to and from the meeting in a “Good Old Horse and Buggy.”
(C. Hazel (Brown) Coffin ’19, Sec.)


High School Audit.; June 17; P.C. Hicks, Caterers; 140 dinners; table decorations of white peonies and candles by Wilma (Toppan) White ’30; cards signed for Anna May Cole; Roll Call of Classes: 80 Alumni and two teachers; a few words from Supt. Gillmore and Headmaster Russell; Pres. James F. Leavitt ’06 introduced the speaker, Phillips E. Wilson, History Professor at P.E.A., whose topic was “A New Foreign Policy”; resolution on the deaths of: Maj. John W.F. Hobbs ’04, a former Trustee; A. Blanche Williams ’89; Sarah (Gillelan) Leavitt ’90; Richard B. Shelton ’92; Phyllis (White) Sanborn ’28; and Ardelle Marston ’06; incoming Pres. Wilfred R. Cunningham ’27 announced a number of planned midwinter activities for both moneymaking and social purposes; the meeting closed with the singing of “God Bless America.”
(Hazel Coffin ’19, Sec.)


Nov. 25; Assn.-sponsored show featuring Boston Radio Station personalities: “Al Rawley and His Wild Azaleas”; net profit: $55.54. Jan. 10; Assn.-sponsored dance at the Hampton Town Hall Auditorium; deficit: $16.52.


High School Audit.; June 16; 143 diners (108 Alumni, three teachers and their guests); the Class of ’45 sang its Class Ode and each member was presented an Assn. membership card by Pres. Cunningham; Supt. Gillmore and Headmaster Russell each spoke briefly; past Pres. Frank E. Leavitt ’87 gave a resume of his Academy and college days; the Class of ’95 celebrated its 50th Anniversary – two of the eight graduates were present: William Brown and Chester Noyes Godfrey; C.S. Toppan of the 55-year class of ‘9O was also present; speaker: Rev. Wm. Fegan, Pastor of the Immanuel Baptist Church of Haverhill, spoke on “Facing the Future,” using the teachings of Socrates, Marcus Aurelius and Jesus of Nazareth, and enlarging upon the maxims “Know Thyself, Control Thyself, Deny Thyself”; resolution on the deaths of: Eugene F. Nudd ’87; Sarah Maria (Hobbs) Lane ’07, a past Pres. and the first Treasurer of the Assn.; 1st Lt. Harry A. Parr, Jr. ’34; 2nd Lt. Neil R. Underwood X’38; Pfc. Roland M. Gray ’41; Pfc. Richard W. Blake ’43; and Robert C. Lord ’43.
(Hazel Coffin ’19, Sec.)


Ashworth; June 16; 40th Annual Meeting; 178 diners ($2 each paid Mr. Ashworth for roast turkey); largest attendance of any meeting covered by existing records; music was supplied by a male quartet: Wilfred R. Cunningham ’27, Carl F. Cook 32, Kirby W. Higgins ’31 and Philip M. Toppan 35; Roll Call: 125 Alumni and two teachers; Miss Anna May Cole was introduced by Pres. Carl Coburn Bragg ’34; “It was brought to the attention of the Association that records previous to the year 1930 were missing. The following committee was appointed to look up data previous to the meeting of June 14, 1930: Miss Adeline C. Marston, Mr. Howard G. Lane and Anna M. True”; the Alumni Medal winners were introduced: Wayne I. Elliot, Jane E. McGaw and Harvey 0. Elliot; Class Pres. Donald R. Palmer thanked the Assn. for the banquet invitation: Supt. Gillmore and Headmaster Russell were called on for a few remarks; entertainment Willard S. Smith of East Jaffrey with tricks of magic; resolution on the deaths of: Flora (Taylor) Jewell ’05; Mrs. Frances N. Krook; 2nd Std. Richard T. Raymond X’32; Edward W. Tobey ’38; Robert K. White ’43; and Norman M. Dearborn ’35.
(Dorothy (Tarr) Hobbs ’26, Sec.)


Dec.; the Class of 1939 held its first reunion (postponed from 1944 because of the War) at the Goody Cole Room at Lamie’s [Tavern]; a booklet, “The Class of ’39 Today,” was compiled for the occasion and the program of the night, after the banquet, consisted of an “examination” — 25 questions about the class members based on information in the booklet.


Ashworth; June 14; 120 diners ($1.75 each paid Mr. Ashworth); Pres. Roland I. Noyes ’17 called on Robert A. Jeralds, one of the 38 grads of the Class of ’47 (the largest yet), to offer grace; community singing was led by Ed Seavey ’32 with Mrs. Elmore I. Dearborn at the piano; a “Card Party and Alumni Night,” held on May 3, which featured card games,entertainment, refreshments and door prizes, netted $33.32 for the coffers; resolution on the deaths of: Wm. E. Philbrick ’87; Christopher S. Toppan ’90, past Pres. and long-term Trustee Treasurer; and Charles H. Palmer ’01; Roll Call: 134 members present; Miss Anna May Cole was introduced; Class Pres. John A. Trumbull spoke for his classmates; the Class of ’87 celebrated its 60th Anniversary; Howard Lane ’87 gave a talk on the school and its founding; five of the original members of his Class are still living; one, Miss Grace Reed Williams, was in Exeter Hospital; besides Mr. Lane, Frank E. Leavitt and C. Belle Nudd spoke briefly on their Class of ’87; Mr. Lane concluded his remarks thusly: “My wish to the members of the Class of 1947 is that you will have the same educational stimulus for a good life as we received 60 years ago”; Supt. Gillmore spoke; Headmaster Russell introduced Mrs. Helen (Kimball) Brown as “the oldest teacher in point of years of service in Hampton High School”; incoming Pres. Douglass E. Hunter, Sr. ’23 presented a $25 cash gift to the Assn. on behalf of his Class; the gathering then heard Miss Blanche Goldthwaite of Boston present humorous readings.
(Dorothy Hobbs ’26, Sec.)


Summer; the active Class of ’27 held its 20th Reunion at Ye Cock and Kettle, Seabrook, with 14 members of the 16-graduate class in attendance (plus their guests) along with former Headmaster Russell H. Leavitt.

Dec. 5; “Past Presidents’ Ball”; “a success socially but not financially” (lost $1.67); the officers received notes from many members who could not attend, including: Gertrude (Fogg) Jenness ’00 and Everett S. Shaw ’01, who updated the Assn. on the activities of the five living members of his eight-graduate Class.

Feb. 20; Alumni vs. High School basketball games: “success financially (plus $74.23), big success socially”: (The Alumni Assn. took over sponsorship of this affair and the Basketball Benefit Night has been held in Dec. or Jan. each year since 1948).


High School Audit.; June 19; catered by Jarvis ($1.75 each paid Mr. Jarvis); 134 members present including 49 of the 50 graduates of the Class of ’48 (note: the total number attending, including guests, was not recorded for this and most subsequent meetings); Assn. Pres. Douglass Hunter ’23 called on his Academy classmate, Rev. Harold R. Beede, to offer grace; group singing was topped off by the graduating class singing its Ode; Class Pres. Donald I. Hellberg spoke; incoming Assn. Pres. Norman N. Merrill ’42 announced his committee appointments including an Advisory Committee consisting of Roland I. Noyes ’17, C. Hazel (Brown) Coffin ’19 and Wilfred R. Cunningham ’27; Howard Lane ’87 was called on to say a few words; the entertainment of the evening was provided by a make-up artist who changed the appearance of many member “Volunteers” — even his “victims” enjoyed the jokes and clever, artistic work; resolution on the deaths of: Annie (Marston) True (attended the Academy about 1882); Barbara (Cole) Leavitt ’18; Marion (Noyes) Hammond ’24; and Richard N. Munsey ’30.
(Shirley (Brown) Carter ’45, Sec.)


High School Audit.; Hicks’ Caterers (chicken-pie dinner); Roll Call; 95 members including three teachers and 24 from the graduating class; incoming Pres. Joseph Wilfred Beede `30 announced the new Nominating, Auditing and Resolution Committees plus a Membership Committee consisting of himself, retiring Pres. Norman Merrill ’42, retiring Sec. Shirley Carter ’45 and Esther (Fellows) Moore ’24; entertainment consisted of a lady impersonator’s comical and serious impressions pertaining to her travels through the British Isles.
(Shirley Carter ’45, Sec.)