Hampton Academy & Winnacunnet High School Alumni Association
65th Anniversary, Historic Souvenir Booklet, 1972

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By Arthur J. Moody, Class of ’53

The Alumni Association



High School Auditorium; Hicks (chicken pie); Roll Call: 136 members including 47 from the graduating class; the Class of ’50 sang its Class Ode; a letter sent to all members showed a great response with $176 in dues being realized to cover deficits on the banquets (resulting from free meals to the graduating class and not meeting the caterer’s minimum attendance guarantee); resolution read on the deaths of Oscar L. Garland ’15; Leonard P. Philbrick ’10; Louise (Philbrick) Todd; Anna Maria (Lamprey) Palmer (attended about 1878); and J. Howard Brown; an Activities Committee was formed by incoming Pres. Walter M. Brown ’39; a comic entertainer was enjoyed and the meeting concluded with the singing of “Auld Lang Syne.”
(Margaret M. O’Brien ’45, Sec.)


High School Auditorium; Hicks (chicken pie); piano music provided by Mrs. Ethel Mann; Roll Call: 141 members including 45 from the Class of ’51, 21 from the Class of ’50 and C. Belle Nudd ’87, a regular attendee; Pres. Walter “Jack” Brown ’39 introduced the Medal winners: Carl S. Campbell, Jacquelyn Hoar and Murray L. Smith; resolution on the deaths of: Myra (Felch) Shuman ’89; Mrs. Janet Clark; and Theda (Taylor) Hobbs ’00; entertainment was provided by John Erlman of Saint Anslem’s College, Manchester.
(Margaret O’Brien ’45, Sec.)


Hotel Allen, Hampton Beach; June 14; Roll Call by the Sec. showed 133 members present including 50 from the Class of ’52, 13 from the Class of ’51 and 10 from the Class of ’50(?); Pres. Kirby W. Higgins ’31 introduced the ’52 Medal recipients: P. Kendall Hobbs, Patricia M. Walker and Ann C. Trumbull; the 65th Reunion Class of 1887 — the first class to graduate from H.A. & H.S. — was represented by Caroline Belle Nudd of Hampton Beach; Supt. Gillmore and Headmaster Russell were called on for remarks; Miss Adeline C. Marston ’02 talked on her research for the old records of the Assn. — she also suggested that the records be displayed in a showcase; a committee was named to continue the search: Miss Marston, Elizabeth (Brown) Hammond ’31 and Jessie Drysdale) Strout ’24; a discussion ensued on what had been done with the money left by the Class of ’50 for a showcase to display Academy trophies; Mr. Russell responded that a meeting on the subject was scheduled for the summer; resolution on the deaths of: William Brown ’95, long-term Hampton Town Clerk and Tax Collector; Edward Lunt Henderson ’48; Chester Noyes Godfrey ’95; and Winfield Hobbs; group singing was enjoyed and dancing followed the meetings adjournment.
(Margaret O’Brien ’45, Sec.)


July 3; Silver Anniversary of the Class of 1927; reunion held in the Goody Cole Room at Lamie’s; 12 members returned plus Miss Myrtle L. Grover, the Class’s Commercial teacher at the Academy.


Ashworth ($1.85 each paid for roast lamb); June 13; Roll Call: 105 members present including 35 from the 47-member Class of ’53 and one, (C. Belle Nudd, from the Class of ’07; Pres. Russell A. Merrill ’44 presented the Medal winners: Barbara A. Doyle, Barbara A. Chaddock and R. Norma Kaye; Class Pres. (C. Raymond Gilmore led his classmates in their Class Ode; Supt. Gillmore and Headmaster Russell were called on for remarks; Robert P. Lavigne, recipient of the new George and Grace Ashworth Scholarship, was introduced; resolution on the deaths of: Grace B. Ring ’00, Treasurer for many years; Malcolm D. Roberts ’23; and Frank E. Leavitt ’87, past Pres.; group singing was led by Wm. “Bill” Elliot with John Creighton at the piano.
(Jane (McGaw) Palmer ’46, Sec.)


High School Auditorium; P.C. Hicks, caterers ($1.55 each paid Hicks); Roll Call of Classes: 86 members responded; Supt. Gillmore and Headmaster Russell spoke briefly; Class of ’54 Pres. Raymond C. Clark – also this year’s Ashworth Scholarship recipient – led his Class in singing its Ode; group singing was under the direction of Wilfred Cunningham ’27 with John Creighton, pianist; two songs were rendered by a quartet from the graduating class: Ray Clark, Jon H. Lovejoy, Paul D. Archibald and George A. Strout; resolution on the deaths of Miss Anna May Cole, for 21 years an Academy teacher; Elmer G. Lane ’94; Grace R. Williams ’87; and Wallace Batchelder; Assn. Pres. Philip M. Toppan ’35 introduced the incoming Pres., Robert R. Cushing ’42; John W. Howe’s Orchestra provided music for dancing.
(Jane Palmer ’46)


Farragut Hotel, Rye Beach ($2 each paid the Hotel for dinners); Roll Call: 128 members including 38 from the graduating class; Joseph F. Kelly spoke for the Class of ’55; C. Belle Nudd ’87 was presented a corsage (oldest living member); Supt. Gillmore and Headmaster Russell spoke; Elton B. Smith, Academy teacher and Senior Class Advisor, offered a few remarks; the Chairman of Hampton’s Board of Selectmen, Lawrence C. Hackett, spoke and extended the Board’s thanks for the invitation; Wm. W. Treat, Chairman of the Hampton School Board, addressed a few remarks to the Assn.; Atty. Treat also introduced the guest speaker, State Sen. Raymond Perkins; resolution on the deaths of: Mary-Louise (Corbett) Wilbur ’50; Gilbert C. Scruton ’52; Joseph C. Cutts ’52; and Margaret (O’Brien) King ’45, former Sec.; the raffle prize, a clock radio, was won by Allen G. Palmer ’48; dancing to the music of The Gerry E. Goodrich Orchestra followed the business meeting.
(Howard Haddon Noyes ’47, Sec.)


High School Audit; Luther Witham, Inc., caterers (at $2.15 plus 10% gratuity); 50th Annual Meet ing; meeting called to order by V.P. Howard Noyes ’47 (Pres. Carroll M. Brown ’46 was unable to he present due to a death in the family); Roll Call: 95 alumni including Frances (James) Perkins ’94, the oldest member present; Frederick C. Rice thanked the Assn. for the Class of ’56 invitations and the Medals; H. Joseph Towle also thanked the Assn. on behalf of Class Pres. William E. Trofatter who had been called to active duty with the Air Force; Class Advisor Elton B. Smith spoke; Headmaster Russell gave a short history of the Academy from the frist graduating class of 1887 to 1940 when the present building was accepted, and provided a peek into the future when, possibly, a new school would be built on the site of the original Academy — Meeting House Green; Philip M. Toppan ’35, the only member of the School Board present, congratulated the new graduates; School Supt. Roy W. Gillmore, retiring later in the year after 26 years as Supt., thanked the Assn. for 26 different meals, and expressed pleasure for the yearbook dedication by the Class of ’56 and for being asked to award the diplomas; V.P. Noyes presented the Supt. with a clock radio on behalf of the Assn.; Wilfred Cunningham ’27 suggested a winter dance to “beef” up the depleted treasury; resolution on the deaths of: C. Belle Nudd ’87, age 84, a long-time banquet attendee; Flora (Joplin) Feeney ’05; Mary (Toppan) Clark ’98; Harold E. Noyes ’14; Charles D. Palmer; Gertrude (Fogg) Jenness ’00; Jeannette (Thurlow) Clark ’06; Lora Mae (Philbrick) Bristol; and Catherine Porter. Entertainment was provided by Peg Norton at the organ.
(Sherilyn (Riley) Holman ’50, Sec.)


Four Canteen Dances for high-school students were held during the winter months with little profit (selling soda and candy); the annual basketball games (Alumni girls’ and boys’ teams vs. the High School teams) netted about $90.


Ashworth; 50th Anniversary of the founding of the Assn.; Roll Call: 100 Alumni including 34 from the graduating Class and seven from the 25th Reunion Class of 1932; the earliest class represented was ’94, by Frances (James) Perkins of Ogunquit, Me.; a three-generation family present was: Viola (Nudd) Bragg ’11, Carl C. Bragg ’34 and Stacy C. Bragg ’57; Class Pres. Jason T. Anderson thanked the Assn. for the dinner; Assn. Pres. Howard Noyes ’47 spoke on the future of the Alumni Assn.; resolution on the deaths of: Everett S. Shaw ’01 (died in mid-1955); Roland I. Noyes past Pres.; and Maurice H. Yeaton ’37.
(Sherilyn (Riley) Holman ’50, Sec.)


High School Auditorium; P.C. Hicks, caterers (ham at $1.75); Judson R. Scruton ’58 offered prayer; Roll Call: 90 members present including three from the Silver Anniversary Class of ’33; the 20th Reunion Class of ’38 had 11 returnees plus Class Advisor Helen K. Brown; Assn. Pres. Richard B. Chevalier ’45 presented Mrs. Frances Perkins ’94 with a corsage; he also introduced the Medal winners: Judson Scruton; “Joanne” Lamprey and “Penny” White; Robert C. Trumbull, Pres. of the Class of ’58 — the last Academy class — spoke for his classmates; remarks were offered by: Phil Toppan ’35, Hampton School Board member and Roy Gillmore, retired Supt. of Schools; Bruce E. Russell, Headmaster/Principal of the High School for its last 27 years, spoke and was presented a gift from the Assn.; much discussed was the question of continuing the Assn. now that H.A. & H.S. had given way to Winnacunnet High School; Adeline C. Marston ’02 spoke in favor of continuing and outlined the formation of the Assn. 51 years before; other members speaking in favor of continuance were: Barbara (Cunningham) Paterson ’50, Cedric H. Dustin ’43, James Lendo Marston ’10 and members of the Class of ’58; also entering the discussion was the low balance in the treasury from year to year: this has been the result of paying banquet costs for larger and larger graduating classes, the cost of printing and mailing postcard meeting announcements and the nonpayment of dues by members; after the discussion, it was voted to continue the Assn. under the name “Hampton Academy and Winnacunnet High School Alumni Association”; it was moved and voted that the Assn. continue awarding Alumni Medals to Seniors of the new regional High School; it was also voted that the Assn. continue holding annual banquets and that it stand the costs of meals for the graduating class’s officers and the three Medal winners; resolution on the deaths of members since the last meeting was read (the copy of the resolution has become
detached from the minutes book and is presumed lost); incoming Pres. Eugene A. Heal, Jr. ’47 asked for assistance with the Canteen Dances and the basketball games; the meeting ended with the Class of ’58 singing its Ode accompanied by Miss Adeline C. Marston at the piano.
(Phyllis E. Stickney ’48, Sec.)


No Canteens were held during the winter but two Basketball Nights’ netted $90. At W.H.S., Luther Witham, Inc., caterers (turkey); Roll Call: 75 members including nine from the 65-member Class of ’59; Wilson P. Dennett ’46 reported on the new Bylaws, pursuant to last year’s vote to continue the Assn. incorporating W.H.S. Alumni and the subsequent vote by students at W.H.S. to recognize the Assn. as their school’s Alumni Assn.; the new set of Bylaws was approved and the old ones were rescinded; under the new nine-article Bylaws, the object of the Assn. is “to renew old acquaintances and keep an everlasting interest in the school”; Article 8 reads: “A Custodian shall be Charlotte B. Clement”; besides Pres. “Bill” Dennett, the Bylaws Committee consisted of Adeline C. Marston ’02, Charlotte (Bachelder) Clement ’38, Richard B. Chevalier ’45 and Eugene A. Heal, Jr. ’47; during discussion of the continuing operating deficit, Arthur J. Moody ’53 suggested that Life Memberships be offered in order to secure some funds quickly; Douglass E. Hunter, Sr. ’23 moved the adoption of the suggestion, pegging the fee at $10 per Life Membership; annual dues of 50¢ would still be in effect, optional with the member; a two-thirds vote placed Mr. Hunter’s proposal into Article 5 of the new Bylaws; resolution on the deaths of members since the last meeting was read (the copy has since been lost from the minutes of book); after incoming Pres. Douglass E. Hunter, Jr. ’50 appointed members to the three standing committees of Nominating, Resolution and Auditing, it was moved that a fourth permanent committee, on Ways and Means, be added to the provisions of Article 7 of the Bylaws — so voted; a tour of the new High School followed the meeting; Lifetime Memberships were purchased by Lois (Allen) Page ’47, Esther (Fellows) Moore ’24, Arthur J. Moody ’53 and Douglass E. Hunter, Sr. ’23.
(Phyllis Stickney ’48, Sec.)