Hampton Academy & Winnacunnet High School Alumni Association
65th Anniversary, Historic Souvenir Booklet, 1972

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By Arthur J. Moody, Class of ’53

The Alumni Association



At W.H.S.; catered by Witham (ham); Pres. Douglass E. Hunter, Jr. ’50 asked the Secretary to call the Roll of Classes: 74 members present including Frances Perkins ’94 and four members of the 25th Reunion Class of ’35: Vernon B. Dennett, Ruth (Blatchford) Sanborn, Frank L. Curtis and Wendell Kuntz, Jr.; resolution on the deaths of: Albert G. Towle; Augusta (Waters) Emery ’07; Harold R. Blake ’12; Eugene M. Tilton; Norman O. Marston ’23; Father Launcelot F. Quinn ’22; Carl J. Moulton ’15; Gladys (Mace) Norton ’18; and Grace (Marston) Ware; Mrs. Carolyn (Perkins) Hadley of Seabrook was recognized for having attended 44 consecutive banquets beginning the year of her graduation, 1917; the 50th Reunion Class of 1910 was represented by five out of six living members from the eight-graduate class; their special guest was Miss Linda M. French, teacher at the Academy between 1906 and 1910; eight were present from the Class of 1960; the Assn. was once again solvent with 21 members purchasing Life Memberships during the first full year of their availability, which provided the major part of the $250 balance in the treasury; four Alumni Medals were awarded this year because of a tie for second Medal; Wilson P. Dennett ’46, the new Pres., named three Alumni to a committee to revamp the point system for determining the Medal winners: H. Alfred Casassa ’48, Jane (McGaw) Palmer ’46 and Doris (Seavey) Bragg ’33 who would he working with W.H.S. Principal Daniel S. Maloney, Asst. Principal Elton B. Smith and Guidance Director Robert M. Swasey; because of the ever changing activities at the school, the point system, which attempted to determine leaders of class and extracurricular activities as well as scholastic accomplishment, was clearly outmoded (the same problem was encountered 10 years later and it was determined that, beginning in 1971, the school officials would select three Seniors from among the top 10 academically ranked students who participated in extracurricular and
nonschool activities and were considered to be “all around good school citizens”); a Boston-based Barber Shop Quartet rendered several selections to conclude the evening.
(Charlotte (Batchelder) Clement ’38, Sec.)


Stanchion Room of the Barn Motel, North Reach, Hampton (roast beef and lobster buffet at $2.50 each); Albert B. Wright ’40 offered grace; Roll Call: 47 members present including two from the Class of ’61 and nine from the Silver Anniversary Class of 1930, which had 21 original members; the 15-year Class of 1940 was represented by five returnees; it was moved and voted that the Treasurer be supplied with a new record book, thus retiring the original book used for the first 53 membership years of the Assn.; “it was also voted to hold the Alumni Banquet outside of the School”; the Ways and Means Committee reported on a successful rummage sale (net $65) and thanked all who donated articles; Jane Palmer ’46 reported on the new Alumni Medals point system; $25 was donated to the newly formed W.H.S. Scholarship Foundation, Inc., a community-based organization which accumulates small donations from many in the Seacoast Area and awards significant donations to graduating Seniors who, despite ability, lack the necessary funds to continue their education; a special committee was appointed by Pres. “Bill” Dennett to work with the new officers in finding ways to stimulate interest in the Assn. among the W.H.S. Alumni; committee members: Paul M. Vatcher ’53, Priscilla (MacCallum) Patrick ’46, Wendell Kuntz, Jr. ’35 and June (Elliot) Chevalier ’48; Louis B. Janvrin, Hampton Falls representative on the W.H.S. School Board, Principal Maloney and Clarence M. Green, Supt. of Schools of the Union — all spoke briefly; the Assn. presented the retiring Superintendent with an engraved Revere Bell; resolution on the deaths of: Gratia (Godfrey) Hill ’03, Sec. for many years; Marie (Kierstead) Roberts ’38; Elmore L. Dearborn X’16; and Leon M. Berry ’06; a three-piece orchestra supplied music for dancing after the meeting.
(Charlotte Clement ’30, Sec.)


Crystal Room of the Town Lyne Motel, Rye (sirloin steak); Grace was offered by Pres. Albert B. Wright ’40; “The Beachcombers,” a high-school group, provided dinner music; 72 members and 45 guests were present; Frances (James) Perkins ’94 answered her Class’s roll call, as usual; Hilda (Paulsen) Morse and Wallace H. Philbrook of the 40th Reunion Class of ’22 were present (the next week, they would join three of their classmates at the home of Marilla (Edgerly) Laughlin, Hampton Falls, for a private 40th Anniversary Party; nine of the 12 original members of the Class were living); 11 of the graduates were present including the Class Pres., V.P., Sec. and the three Medal winners; each was introduced with Class Pres. James E. Robinson speaking for his classmates; the special committee to interest graduating Seniors in the Assn. was continued for another year; after discussion on how the Assn. might financially help the graduating class attend the banquet, it was voted to use all the profits from the basketball games for that purpose; discussion continued from the previous year on supplying a Plaque with the names of all W.H.S. Medal winners (from 1959) engraved thereon; it was voted to do this and to keep the plaque on permanent display in the trophy case at W.H.S.; discussion arose on securing a trophy case at the Academy Jr. High for all old H.A. & H.S. trophies, plaques and awards still extant; incoming Pres. H. Alfred Casassa ’48 named Wayne I. Elliot ’46 and Edward S. Seavey, Jr. ’32 a committee to investigate the matter; introduced were: D. Malcolm Hamilton ’30, representing the Winnacunnet School Board, and Allan C. Bushold, Asst. Principal at W.H.S.; members won boxes of candy in the following categories: Alvin C. Emery ’27 for travelling the farthest to the banquet (Conn.); Frances Perkins ’94, oldest graduate; Dean & C. Ruth (Noyes) ’14 Merrill, longest married (44 years); Richard L. and Dorothea (Lamott) Palmer ’38, most recently married (nearly two
years); Esther (Drake) Kyser ’11, most children (eight); V. Allen Bogrett, Jr. ’37, for the “one who hasn’t been to a banquet for the longest period of time” (25 years); and Carolyn (Perkins) Hadley ’17, longest consecutive attendance (46 banquets); resolution on the deaths of: Robert E. Currier ’61; Nellie (Marston) Carter ’00; Richard D. Simons ’34; Wm. M. Blake (age 84), and Warren C. Lamprey ’92; the entertainment for the evening consisted of three dance acts, a rope-skipping act and a comedy act.
(June (Elliot) Chevalier ’48, sec.)


Exeter Inn (buffet); a total of 166 were present including 80 “old” Alumni and 35 from the 105-member graduating class; Class of ’63 Pres. Richard C. Tappan spoke for his Class; Assn. Treas. Alfred H. Carlson ’51 presented a corsage to Alyce (Towle) Taylor representing the 60th Reunion Class of 1903; carnations were given to the three members present from the Golden Anniversary Class of 1913: Helen (Barbour) Perkins, Doris (King) Hyde and Annie L. Johnson; Esther (Drake) Kyser was present from the Class of 1911; Pres. H. Alfred Casassa ’48 read a communication from Frances Perkins ’94 expressing regret at her absence from this year’s meeting; W.H.S. School Board members D. Malcolm Hamilton ’30 and John A. Trumbull ’47 were introduced; it was voted to appropriate $50 to recondition the old H.A. & H.S. trophies; $50 was also voted as the Assn.’s donation to the W.H.S. Scholarship Foundation; boxes of candy were presented to several in attendance including: Art Moody ’53 for travelling the farthest (D.C.); Carolyn Hadley ’17, longest consecutive attendance (47 years); Raymond K. & Doris (King) ’13 Hyde, longest married (45 years); M. Claire (Morrissette) Bossi ’58 “newlywed” (of 1½ years); Alyce Taylor ’03, earliest class represented; and Esther Kyser ’11, most children (eight); Pres. Casassa presented to Principal Maloney a 25-year plaque with the engraved names of Alumni Medal winners for the past five years; Medals for 1963 were presented to Gary W. Hampton (1st); Christine M. Seidel (2nd) and Elaine L. King (3rd); Jason E. Boynton, Supt. of Supervisory Union No. 21 Schools, was introduced as the main speaker: resolution: Adeline C. Marston ’02, past Sec.: Nellie (Moulton) White ’03; Marion (Lane) Carter ’06; Ethel (Johnston) Hayward ’08; Pauline (Brown) Wright ’10; Mary (Elkins) Merrill ’43; Elizabeth (Laughlin) Bowley ’53; Beck (Lougee) Wallace ’54.
(June (Elliot) Chevalier ’48, Sec.)


Exeter Inn (buffet); 67 “old” Alumni plus about 40 recent grads were present with their guests; C. Ruth (Noyes) Merrill ’14 was honored for being present for her Class’s 50th Reunion (there were 7 in her Class); Pres. Donald R. Palmer ’46 introduced four of the five W.H.S. School Board members at the head table: John Trumbull ’47 (Hampton Falls), D. Malcolm Hamilton ’30 (Hampton), Karl J.F. Gove (Seabrook) and Carroll L. Blackden (North Hampton); the report of the special committee on trophies was read and an additional $20 was voted to finish the committee’s work; Wayne I. Elliot ’46 saw to the repair and refurbishing of the old H.A. & H.S. trophies (except one which was beyond repair) under the great assistance and care of Blessington & Sons, Rte. 1, Topsfield, Mass.; the other committee member, Edward Seavey ’32, before he passed away, laid the groundwork for the proper display of the trophies at the Hampton Academy Junior High School; the cooperation of the Hampton School Board and Principal Walter M. Brown ‘3O was secured, and the trophy case (gift of the Class of ’41) which was in the nurse’s room was removed to a prominent location on the wall near the main front entrance; in his report, Mr. Elliot suggested that the restoration and display project be dedicated to the memory of Ed Seavey; David I. Drummmond, ’63 Class Pres., spoke for his Class; principal speaker was Dr. Russell J. Call of the W.H.S. faculty who spoke on “N.H. Education”; Principal Maloney was called upon for a brief statement; boxes of candy were awarded to several members including Ann (Trumbull) Wright ’52 for travelling the farthest (St. Pete) and to C. Ruth Merrill ’14 for both being married the longest and representing, the earliest class; $50 was voted as this year’s W.H.S. Scholarship Foundation donation; resolution on the deaths of: Ethel (Marston) Clark ’95; Alice (Elliot) Noyes ’20; J. Wilfred Beede ’30, past Pres.; Edward S. Seavey, Jr. ’32, past Pres.; and Vina (Morgan)
Jones,age 88, language teacher at the Academy for 13 years.
(M. Claire (Morrissette) Bossi, ’58, Sec.)


Exeter Inn (buffet); 64 Alumni including 14 from the graduating class; Pres. Alfred H. Carlson ’51 introduced the head table: Winnacunnet School Board members John Trumbull ’47 and D.Malcolm Hamilton ’30 (a member of the 35th Reunion Class), guest speaker U.S. Senator Norris Cotton, Supt of Schools Jason E. Boynton, and W.H.S. Principal Daniel S. Maloney; Abbott ’15 and Elinor Batchelder) Brown ’30 were celebrating their 50th and 35th Reunions, respectively; gifts were given to members in several categories; $50 was voted for the Winnacunnet High Scholarship Foundation; resolution on the deaths of: Lawrence M. True ’17; Annie L. Johnson ’13; and Kirby W. Higgins ’31.
(Claire Bossi ’58, Sec.)


Yoken’s Restaurant, Portsmouth (choice of ham or turkey); 60th Annual Meeting of the Assn.; 74 Alumni (with nine 66-ers) and 37 guests; Pres. Paul M. Vatcher ’53 introduced the head table: Winnacunnet School Board members > Malcolm Hamilton ’30, Hampton, and John Trumbull ’47, Hampton Falls (Mr. Trumbull, the Assn.’s V.P. in 1965-66, declined the presidency for 1966-67 since by the time of the Assn.’s major activities in June 1967 he would be serving as Chairman of the W.H.S. Board; this “abdication” represented the first known instance in the 60-year history of the Assn. that the V.P. did not subsequently serve as President); Principal Maloney, and speaker Bruce McGorrill, Gen. Sales Mgr. of WCSH-TV (Channel 6), Portland, Me., whose topic was “Yankee Humor”; Esther (Drake) Kyser ’11 and Lewis A. Chevalier ’02 were introduced; novelty gifts were awarded in several categories; resolution on the death of Frances (James) Perkins ’94, a faithful attendee at past meetings; following the meeting, dance music was provided.
(Nancy (Chevalier) Hughes ’57, Sec.)


Yoken’s, Portsmouth (ham or turkey); 60th Anniversary of the founding of the Assn.; a great many flowers bedecked the banquet hall; Pres. Malcolm J. Graves ’54 introduced special guests Rev. Manning Van Nostrand, Hampton Methodist Church, Principal Maloney, Phil Cleveland, Educ. Officer from Pease Air Force Base and the main speaker, as well as W.H.S. School Board members D. Malcolm Hamilton ’30 and John Trumbull ’47; Roll Call of Classes: 75 Alumni (including three from the Class of ’67) and 52 guests; Lewis A. Chevalier, only living member of the three-graduate 65th Reunion Class of 1902, received a fine ovation; the 50th Reunion Class of 1917 was represented by four members: Carolyn (Perkins) Hadley, Irving F. Stickney, Robert O. Brown and Guy S. Garland; the 45th year Class of ’22 had Hilda (Paulsen) Morse present; there were three present from the 40th Reunion Class of ’27 with only Mildred (Collins) Trumbull signing the guest book; the 35th Anniversary Class of 1932 was represented by five: E. Emmons Sanborn, Lucy (Cram) Blodgett, Stella (Shaw) McEachern, Elinor (Brown) Vigneau and one who failed to sign the register; the Class of ’42 — Silver Anniversary Reunion — had six attendees: Earl H. Blatchford, Betty (Brown) Blatchford, Norman N. Merrill, Esther (Locke) Peek and two who didn’t sign in; the 20th year Class of ’47 had five members present: John M. Holman, John A. Trumbull, Forrest C. Brown, Eugene A. Heal and Lois (Allen) Page; (the 15th Reunion Class of ’52 held a lobster cook-out at York Beach, Me.); there were six from the 10-year 52-graduate Class of ’57: Albert C. Asselin and Robert F. Noble (the rest failed to register at the door; the Class held a separate 10-year Reunion at the South Wind Motor Inn, West Rye, with nearly half of the Class in attendance); Pres. Graves presented the three Alumni Medals to Thomas M. Hartnett, Janet F. Blatchford and June G. Charters; speaker Phil Cleveland’s topic was “Do you have what it takes to be a boss?”;
novelty gifts were awarded in seven categories; it was noted that Mrs..Carolyn Hadley ’17 had brought her dog to 12 consecutive banquets but there was no gift category to fit that particular circumstance; $50 was voted for the Scholarship Foundation; a resolution on the deaths of members was read and a moment of silence was observed; the meeting closed with the benediction by Rev. Van Nostrand; dancing to a 12-piece orchestra (who played in exchange for their meals) followed the meeting.
(Nancy (Chevalier) Hughes ’57, Sec.)


Green Gate Restaurant, Exeter (buffet); 86 Alumni (including seven from ’68); Pres. Peter L. Curtis ’60 introduced special guests Rev. & Mrs. Wilfred C. Files, Trinity Episcopal Church, Hampton; speaker Peter G. Brooks ’50 and his wife, Carolyn (Goss) Brooks ’50; and W.H.S. School Board members Russell A. Merrill ’44 (Hampton), John A. Trumbull ’47 (Hampton Falls) and D. Malcolm Hamilton ’30 (Hampton); a resolution was read in memory of all recently departed members; a standing ovation was given Lewis A. Chevalier ’02; Reunion Classes: 1938 (30th), five present including Dorothea (Lamott) Palmer, Richard L. Palmer, Roger W. Mace, Natalie (Burnham) Bushold and one who didn’t sign in; 1943 (25th), seven present including Marilla (MacConnell) MacIsaac, Caroline (Allen) Bates, Barbara (Stonesifer) Brown and four who failed to register; 1948 (20 years out), four present including Cynthia (Merrill) Trumbull, June (Elliot) Chevalier, Ada (Heal) Merrill and Marilyn (Whenal) Grant; 1953 (15th), six present including Stanley W. Knowles, Jacquelyn (Spear) Manix, Paul M. Vatcher, Barbara (Schuck) Burke, Charles A. Pearson and Arthur J. Moody; guest speaker Peter Brooks ’50 talked on his underwater exploration in the vicinity of the Isles of Shoals — color slides accompanied his presentation; novelty gifts were distributed in seven categories; $100 was voted for the Scholarship Foundation under the proviso that the Assn. could afford it; Rev. Files gave the benediction and the meeting disbanded at 10:15 P.M.; dancing to the music of a four-piece local combo followed.
(Nancy (Chevalier) Hughes ’57, Sec.)


Model Room of Yoken’s, Portsmouth (roast beef or baked stuffed shrimp); 63 Alumni (including three from the Class of 69; Marion (Merrill) Janvrin ’19 was present for her Class’s 50th Reunion; the 30-year Class of ’39 was represented by Merle D. Straw, Jr., and Alvin R. Nudd; the 25th Reunion Class of ’44 had two in attendance with only Shirley (Timson) Kelley signing in; the 20th Anniversary Class of ’49 had seven, six of whom signed in: Jo-Ann (Pelkey) Daniels, Robert L. Daniels, Carol (Brown) Grant, Gwendolyn (Spear) Eames, Judith (Haven) Johnson and Homer A. Johnson, Jr.; a resolution was read and a moment of silence was observed for departed members; Hilda (Paulsen) Morse ’22 was “elected” to publicize via newspapers the events at annual meetings; Lewis A. Chevalier ’02 was given a standing ovation; novelty gifts were given in seven categories including “travelled farthest”: Douglas W. Heath ’59 (“down” Maine); “most children”: Judy & Homer Johnson ’49; “newest baby”: Lawrence M. Douglas, Jr. ’60; and “most recently married”: David T. Batchelder ’36; W.H.S. Principal Eugene R. Hawley spoke briefly and invited parents to attend school assemblies: Dianne (Carlino) Sullivan ’63, elected “Treasurer the prior year, moved from the area and could not finish out her term; R. Joanne (McLane) Lamprey ’57 stayed on as Treas. for another year; no Secretary was elected for the new membership year: it was voted to have two Secretaries — one for correspondence and mailing-list maintenance, and one for recording — with the three new officers selecting the new Secretaries; “up to $100” was voted for the Scholarship Foundation; Pres. David R. Chevalier ’50 introduced the speaker, Donald R. Palmer ’46, who presented a talk and slide show on his recent trip to Eastern Europe and Moscow; the benediction was given by Paul Vatcher ’53; electronic dance music was provided by J.W. McMullen, Jr.
(Ruby (Lamott) Chevalier ’56, Sec.)