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Chuck Hill and Orchestra Here For Fifth Year

The Beachcomber, Wednesday, August 15, 1951



Daily band concerts long ago became an institution at Hampton Beach. This year vacationists are enjoying one of the best bands that have ever performed from the bandstand on Ocean boulevard.

This is the fifth straight year that Chuck Hill and his orchestra have been entertaining folks at Hampton Beach and Hill says this is the best band he has brought to this resort town.

The band is hired by the Chamber of Commerce to play four daily concerts from the week before July Fourth to Labor Day, and is one of the drawing features of the beach. Hampton is the only beach on the Atlantic coast that employs a full time band playing daily concerts.

Hill is proud of the versatility of his organization. “We play everything from Be-Bop to Bach” he claims. “And nearly every man in the band doubles on instruments or with voice.”

As in every band, each musician has his own following, so for the benefit of those who gather around every day for their favorite songs here is the personnel of the band:

Brass section — Arthur Sargent, 1st trumpet and soloist; Sonny Rich, 2nd trumpet and jazz soloist; Eddie Dumaine, 3rd trumpet and vocalist; Roger Snow, 1st trombone, tuba and arranger for the band; Sam Stella, 2nd trombone, accordion soloist and vibraphone.

Saxophone section — Willis Trainor, 1st sax and soloist; Buddy Martin, 2nd sax and popular vocalist; Merrow Bodge, 3rd sax, flute and clarinet; Raymond Trimble, 4th sax and clarinet.

Roger Barrett is Hammond organ soloist and Alexander Milligan plays the drums and tympani.

Chuck Hill leads the band, and plays the sax, clarinet and flute. Chuck has had the pleasure of playing for and accompanying such celebrities as the present King George of England and his brother Edward, Milton Berle, Sonja Heinie, George Raft, Mickey Rooney, Phil Baker, Martha Ray and Ava Gardner. I

Vocalist Eddie Dumaine’s big vocal hit is “Boogie Blues”. Buddy Martin, the other singer, has the crooner style and seems to sing personally to each person in the audience.

The orchestra puts on two shows every afternoon and evening, four shows daily, seven days a week, all season long.

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