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Hampton Union

Thursday, July 6, 1950

With stoves, refrigerators, television sets and many other valuable prizes being given away, the North Shore Shopping Center was formally opened Saturday with about 5,000 visitors thronging the area.

Although all the concessions aren’t yet occupied, those that are in operation and the names of the owners are:

Laundramat, owned by Wendell Ring; fish market, Arthur Davis; Dearborn’s Express office; the Hampton Cleaners, Mal Dufault; a hat shop and Spencer foundation, Mrs. Gladys Ring; delicatessen, Mrs. Gladys Ring; Sim’s 5 and 10, Ira W. Simmons; Sylvia’s Beauty Shop; Joe Brooks Barber Shop; remnant shop, Mrs. Louise Smith; Allen McCarthy, plumber; Willie & Jimmie, electricians, and Harold Campbell, television shop; painting and paper hanging, Nat Young; cash and carry ice, Romeo Dupuis; sign painting, George Sheret; Cote’s shoe repairing; open air fresh fruit and vegetable stand; the North Shore Self Service Supermarket; Tobey’s Drug Store and Your Host Luncheonette, operated by Alton P. Tobey and John Mayo; a jeweler, Edward LeFourniere; a men’s shop, Mrs. Leonard’s dress shop and Herbert Cartier’s Colonial Gift Shop. Holman’s Sound Service [John M. Holman] provided the sound for music and announcements.

According to Mr. Henry Dupuis, owner of the North Shore Shopping Center, next spring, a motel will be built on the south side of Winnacunnet road, opposite the stores. In addition, he plans to build two more houses and a small hotel next to the house just being completed. A picturesque white bridge over th creek will connect the shopping area with these buildings. Also, a permanent awning is to be installed along the entire length of store fronts.

Started about the first of April, the North Shore Shopping Center has materialized after years of careful planning. Hailed by the residents of the North Beach, it has already proved to be a welcome attraction to summer visitors.

Better known as “Henry”, the real estate broker, Mr. Dupuis has been in the real estate business for 17 of his 27 years on the beach. Among his many successful business ventures is the Hampton Airport, of which he was one of the originators. The father of two children, Richard, who will be seven this month, and Dennis, 2, he has been married 11 years to the former Hermanse Binette.

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