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“Nova Scotian Dory” made by Clinton W. Berry

By John M. Holman, Tuck Museum Curator

Hampton Union, c. Fall 1970s

HAMPTON, N.H. — This town can boast of at least one master boat building, and the Tuck Memorial Museum on Meeting House Green can attest to this fact through one of its exhibits.

Clinton W. Berry, 236 Winnacunnet Road, has been building boats for many years. Recently he constructed a miniature “Nova Scotian dory” and presented it to the Tuck Museum for a permanent exhibit.

The boat is a little under 24-inches long, painted white with a light blue trim, and the accessories include three lobster pots, buoys, oars and even thule pins for securing the oars for rowing. The dory drew considerable attention from the museum visitors last summer.

In the summer months, Berry can be seen in his shop constructing conventional size boats, and in the winter, he devotes his time to building miniature model boats of all descriptions.

Born 86 years ago, Berry is a native of Hampton. Visitors are always welcome in his shop to pass the time of day with him.

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