New Hampshire Business Review, November 17-30, 1989

Contract laboratories play a vital role in the nation’s effort to properly manage its hazardous waste and natural resources. One such lab is Resource Analysts Inc., or RAI, of Hampton, a wholly owned subsidiary of Millipore Corp. RAI provides organic and inorganic analyses as well as aquatic toxicology and field sampling. As these photos show, the lab’s work involves the management, preparation and analysis of a wide variety of sample types.

1. A lab worker works with an automatic diluter, which is used to introduce chemical products for toxicology testing.

2. The inorganics prep lab at RAI, where testing for hazardous toxicity is conducted. It is one of the tests that is used to determine whether a product falls under hazardous waste regulations.

3. Instruments like these are used to analyze for the presence of heavy metals.

4. RAI’s gas chromotography lab, where the instruments are used to analyze organic solvents and other organic chemicals.

5. The organics sample preparation lab, where solvents, gasoline and PCBs are removed from a sample for analysis.