By Steve Haberman

Atlantic News, Tuesday, January 29, 1986

[The following article is courtesy of Atlantic News.]

GETTING READY (l. to r.) Roland Lemire, Manager Martha Lemire and Dan Paul of ShoBiz Video located in the lobby of the Hampton Cinemas on Lafayette Road.
[Atlantic News Photo/Haberman]

Hampton — When was the last time you walked into a video rental store and got a coherent answer when asked what a movie was about? When was the last time a clerk at one of those stores recommended a film to you that you enjoyed? When was the last time a movie professional helped you with our home video selection? Never you say? Well all that has changed now that ShoBiz Video has opened in the lobby of the Hampton Cinemas on the corner of Lafayette and Winnacunnet Roads in Hampton.

Mike Tinios, owner of both ShoBiz and the Hampton Cinemas, explained why he decided to get into the home video market. He stated, ‘It’s part of the business. It’s today’s extension of the movie business. Theater patrons are the ones who rent movies. It’s part of upgrading the cinema.’

ShoBiz Video features family oriented films and something new for the seacoast, an extensive foreign film selection. The company will also house a large selection of ‘art’ films. Manager, Martha Lemire defined art films as, ‘drama designed for sophisticated audiences.’ She classified ‘Heat and Dust’ and “Kiss of the Spider Woman’ as this type of film.

Aside from the usual VCR rentals ShoBiz will also offer a free movie club membership and printed movie catalogues with descriptions of the films available. There is easy access and plenty of free parking for ShoBiz patrons at the location and the store will be open 7 days a week until the Cinema closes. Customers can reserve films as well and the theater concession stand will be available to ShoBiz patrons who wont some freshly mode popcorn or Milk Duds to go with their rented movie.

Martha pointed out that ShoBiz Video, unlike many of it’s competitors, is fully computerized saving customers the tedious paperwork often necessary elsewhere. Each of the shop’s customers will be maintained and the computer along with the number of films they have rented making them eligible for gifts and special deals in the future. ShoBiz will be holding their Grand Opening celebration this coming Saturday, May 3. There will be clowns and balloons for the kids and a Grand Opening Day Special in the form of a coupon book which will allow the purchaser to rent 20 films for $20.

Doesn’t it make sense to rent home videos from movie professionals; from individuals who make their living by knowing the films people want to see most? So see the movie professionals at ShoBiz Video and ask them to recommend something from their large and varied selection. And don’t forget the popcorn.