Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce

By Matt Chandler, Atlantic News Staff Writer

Atlantic News, March 25, 1999

AT THE HEART OF DOWNTOWN — The Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce is situated right in the heart of downtown Hampton, in the historic Lamie’s Inn and Tavern (in 1999).
[Atlantic News Photo by Matt Chandler]

HAMPTON — In spite of the fact that they don’t buy, sell, or produce a single product, the organization located in Suite One at 490 Lafayette Road is arguably the single most important business in the town of Hampton. It is the link between area businesses and the community. It is the Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce.

As the local liaison bringing Hampton’s many tourists and visitors together with the services and businesses of the community, the Chamber plays a vital role in the growth and development of Hampton.

The Chamber handles a number of community building issues on a daily basis. Folks moving to town, tourists planning an upcoming vacation, businesses looking to relocate to Hampton: they all call the Chamber looking for direction. From where and when to why and how, the Chamber has the answers and makes the connections that keep Hampton growing.

People often see the Chamber of Commerce building in their town, and pass by it daily without ever stopping in. They assume that if they are not business owners or tourists, the Chamber is not for them. On the contrary! With their Chamber Newsletter and postings on their website (http://www.hamptonbeaches.com) the Chamber offers residents of Hampton a great chance to stay in tune with the local happenings in the business community. The work the Chamber does to promote Hampton not only benefits the businesses in town, but the towns-people as a whole. When tourist-generated revenues are brought in to Hampton, everyone wins.

For those Atlantic News readers who are among the business leaders of our community, the Chamber is a great way to build business through their extensive network. Current members will attest to the benefits they enjoy as members of the Chamber. With regular Business After Hours get-togethers, as well as many other Chamber-sponsored events, the Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce brings the businesses and customers in Hampton together, creating an environment filled with growth and prosperity.

For those folks who wish to learn more about the Chamber, you can give them a call at 926-8718. If you are a web surfer, he sure to check out their web site, http:// www.hamptonbeaches.com. If you still want to see and learn more, mark your calendar and make plans to at-tend the Seacoast Chamber EXPO at the Whittemore Center in Durham. The event brings together the Seacoast’s Chambers, giving residents a chance to see how Hampton fares against the competition. The EXPO takes place September 23, 1999.