A Special Supplement to the Atlantic News

January 1, 1998

Hampton, New Hampshire

HOT STUFF! — Matt Windt and Brian Fogarty, two of the sales associates at Florida Casual show off their large selection of Monitor and Rinnai heater units.
[Atlantic News Photo by McGee]

HAMPTON — Owners of a Monitor Heater tend to think of it as a ‘prize possession’. It’s hard not to see why.

The Monitor creates a comfortably warm, clean environment in any home.

Best of all, the Monitor’s easy to use control panel allows you to set the time, temperature and operating mode, so you avoid temperature ‘swings’ found in other heaters. A fan-forced flow of warm air helps to heat up your rooms more quickly as well.

The Monitor is available in Natural or LP Gas, or K-1 Fuel, which is generally stored in a large outside tank that needs to be refilled only once or twice a year.

You can find Monitor heaters at Florida Casual today!