By Marion Fitanides Carlson

A Special Supplement to the Atlantic News

January 1, 1998

Hampton, New Hampshire

READY FOR RAIN OR SHINE — Florida Casual’s newly reopened has plenty of room for you to inspect some of the best patio furniture on the Seacoast no matter what the weather is like outside.
[Atlantic News Photo by McGee]

HAMPTON — New England is on the move. On the move to the great outdoors. The latest living space to earn the attention of families, is our own backyard.

Which is why Florida Casual offers a wide variety of lawn furniture, including Casualine PVC and Suncoast aluminum furniture. “The big thing lately seems to be aluminum [in patio furniture],” says Florida Casual owner Tom Chisholm.

When asked about wrought iron, Chisholm commented that a lot of customers shy away from it due to the upkeep. It rusts too easily. But both PVC and aluminum are durable; both create less maintenance than wood or wrought iron furniture. But, the differences between the two materials goes beyond the look of the product.

Neither aluminum nor PVC rust. There is little upkeep other than a good washing with soap and water. PVC is a solid material and the color is throughout, so scratches aren’t as noticeable. Aluminum generally has a bonded powder-coated finish, which resists scratches. Also, the better manufacturers will guarantee their bonded coating for five years, and stand behind their product.

Because both PVC and aluminum are so tough, the products are made to be used for a long time. Comfort features are a bit different, since PVC tends to be more static in design than aluminum. Aluminum also has the advantage of being available in more designs, more finishes, and different styles, due to its more flexible design nature.

PVC is light and easy to move; aluminum, although lightweight, can be a bit more bulky to move. If you entertain outside a lot, this feature is something to consider.

Either PVC or aluminum offer many living options and looks so you can create your own space.

In addition, Florida Casual is adding a line of replacement cushions, so you can either tailor the look of your outside living space to your tastes, or you can replace your worn out cushions.

Casual or elegant, lively or calming, the decision is tough, but a fun one to make. Stop by Florida Casual next time you plan your move to the great outdoors, and consider the options.