By Marion Fitanides Carlson

A Special Supplement to the Atlantic News

January 1, 1998

Hampton, New Hampshire

READY TO GO! — Owner Donna Kennedy and Brian Fogarty check out a newly delivered Coleman Spa.
[Atlantic News Photo by McGee]

HAMPTON — Imagine easing the cares of the day away, every day, in warm, invigorating bubbles. Power massage, or gently cleansing, the choice is yours in your own personal spa.

Caring for a spa is relatively easy, if you choose the right one. Look for a spa with constant circulation on a low-cost pump. This helps keep the temperature even, helps control the chemical level, and minimizes bacteria growth. Look also for a quality filtration unit; some manufacturers offer a double filtration unit — constant filtration, and a daily power filtration.

The operations center should be conveniently located. Most spas are computerized and offer digital functions on a waterproof keypad for the user. Still, if you need to get to the operation center, it should be easily accessible, to make replacing a pump, heater, filter, or computer chip, simple and quick.

For the construction, look for a shell made of rugged ABS backed surfaces, which are designed to resist harsh climates. Most manufacturers, offer spas that are available in a variety of designer colors and styles to fit your decor.

JUST ADD WATER — Kristin and Shannon give a Saratoga Spa a ‘dry run.’
[Atlantic News Photo by McGee]

The spa should be well insulated to ensure energy-efficient operation. The insulation also reinforces weight placed on the shell, cabinet and plumbing, and also reduces noise and operating cost. Also, check to be sure the insulated cover, standard with the major manufacturers, locks and is complete with a heat seal gasket, to limit heat and water loss.

One fun step is deciding how your spa will be used, and how many people will be using it on a regular basis. If you are using it for just occasional or personal use, you can get by with a smaller tub. If you plan on using it for entertainment or daily use, consider a larger unit. Remember that it is easier to get accustomed to a larger tub, than to wish you had not gotten the smaller one.

Finally, choose a treatment system that offers a limited number of steps, with a maximum impact. Start off right by clarifying and sanitizing your water, operating for at least three hours daily to flush all the water through the filter, and testing weekly.

Maintenance then becomes easy if you follow the schedule, and draining and filling is kept to a minimum.

Florida Casual offers two of the top spa manufacturers in the industry, Coleman Spas, Inc., and Saratoga Spa. Because of their commitment to quality, these are the only two spas the Chisholm family currently offers. Stop by their new showroom on Lafayette Road for a look at what these two manufacturers have to offer.