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Special to the Alantic News

Atlantic News, Tuesday, March 1, 1994

[The following article is courtesy of Atlantic News]

TA-DA! — It didn’t take any grilling to get Nick Birmbas co-owner of Lena’s Subs to show off the new kitchen at 838 Lafayette Road.
[Atlantic News Photo by Tom Donaldson]

HAMPTON — Lena’s Subs restaurant owned by brother Nick and John Birmbas, along with their father Charlie Stavroula, have a reputation for “the best subs anywhere”. They recently took their menu, their high quality meats, vegetables and breads and moved up the road to a new 42 seat restaurant at 838 Lafayette Road, the location of Sanborn’s Candies be-fore their move.

It is an anniversary of sorts since they opened almost exactly 3 years ago in their old location [603 Lafayette Road], with six seats and very limited parking. In the bright clean, freshly painted, and smoke free new restaurant, they made the same promise to the community that they have made each March 1. They donated every cent that came in the register that day to help children. The money, administered by the Hampton Police, will be used for prescription medicine and medical costs for children who’s family cannot afford to pay for the needed medical care. Brooks Drug will furnish the medications and the local school nurses will determine what children need doctors’ care. In the last two years, they have given $2100 and $2400 respectively.

Asked the secret to their success, Nick Birmbas said, “Hard work”; it is necessary for the owners to be in the restaurant during all open hours and make sure that every order is filled as close to perfect as possible.

Lena’s Subs at their new location at 838 Lafayette Road, Hampton, NH

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