Downtown Spotlight

By Tom Donaldson

Atlantic News, July 18, 1995

[The following article is courtesy of Atlantic News.]

HAMPTON — When Steve Wilson was working as a mechanic for a North Hampton automobile dealer and operating a motorcycle business in his spare time, he made his decision to open a unique motorcycle business in Hampton’s Depot Square. Revolution Cycle opened on March l and the business has grown almost daily since. “I am very happy with what has happened here,” says Wilson, who has “been riding since I was too young to ride.”

Wilson has two associates in the business – his brother Jim Wilson, a motorcycle mechanic, and Richie Lunde who is a parts and accessories specialist. Both Jim & Richie are Hampton residents.

“We have a very good variety of parts and accessories and are open seven days a week,” said Wilson when asked what makes Revolution Cycle unique. With many years of love for the sport, the team can select and sell an exceptional variety of used and renovated bikes. “Just last week,” Wilson said, “we sold an antique motorcycle for a gentleman in Wisconsin.” Real knowledge of the product makes for a wide range of influence.

Wilson has a modern service department which handles a huge number of bikes that are being repaired or renovated for sale. “I understand you know everything about a [particular specialty bike],” said a potential customer in the store. After listening to Wilson talk about the motorcycle, there was little question about his knowledge.

Revolution Cycle is another unique business that has realized the potential of doing business in downtown Hampton.