By Gloria Dion

Atlantic News, Thursday, October 24, 1996

[The following article is courtesy of Atlantic News.]

THE RIBBON IS CUT! — The Seacoast Federal Credit Union announced its new location at 887 Lafayette Road, Hampton, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony Wednesday, October 9. From Left to right: William McDill and Janet Sullivan, board members; Carolyn Brooks, wife of founder Peter Brooks; William Wrenn, Chairman of the Board; Dolly Champy, President of Seacoast Federal Credit Union; and Dr. Norman Katner, board member.
[Atlantic News Photo by Jason Batchelder]

HAMPTON — According to Dolly Champey, President of the Seacoast Federal Credit Union (S.F.C.U.), the new location of the center is a convenience to customers and staff at the facility.

The S.F.C.U. moved from its location at 728 Lafayette Road to its new location at 887 Lafayette Road on August 5.

Champey said the new location is larger and offers a convenient drive-through, as the facility was once home to Bank of NH.

“We closed the old office on Friday, and moved here the following Monday morning, open for business,” said Champey.

She added that customers like the new location and said the facility is perfect for the growing needs of the credit union, as it plans on offering additional services to its customers.

“We’re trying to give our existing members everything with controlled growth,” Champey said.

The S.F.C.U. recently was approved to offer membership to students enrolled in local schools and their families. Plans are being coordinated with the schools for representatives of the credit union to be involved in an educational program that will teach students the basics of banking and services offered at the facility.

Champey said she is excited about the program and has had a great response. The S.F.C.U. offers basically the same services as a bank with the exception of commercial loans. The credit union has a volunteer board of directors and does not charge fees for many of its services.

Once a person joins the credit union, they are a member for life.

SETTLED IN AND READY TO HELP YOU — Dolly Champey, President of the Seacoast Federal Credit Union sits in her office at 887 Lafayette Road in Hampton.
[Atlantic News Photo by Gloria Dion]