Hampton News Briefs

Hampton Union, Tuesday, July 22, 2008

[The following article is courtesy of the Hampton Union and Seacoast Online.]

Array Corporation of Hampton recently announced upgrade features to the company’s DICOM ScanPro Plus digitizer software. Advances to the product are part of Array’s ongoing commitment to deliver the best of class products and adhere to the ever-changing marketplace.

DICOM ScanPro Plus Version, featuring multiple tools for a wide variety of applications, has been upgraded to latest version

“When it comes to film digitization there are usually four major concerns: speed, accuracy, ease of use, and of course, cost,” said Tom Nardozzi, president of Array. “Control of the digitizer dictates how the scanner can be used and how it is used. Array is leading the market in high-end film digitization and the upgrades to ScanPro Plus are an example of our commitment to remain at the forefront of scan technologies.”

A total of three improvements have been made to the product, thus launching DICOM ScanPro Plus Version Beginning with Array’s pioneer feature Autodivision, users are able to automatically recognize and create individual DICOM images from multi-formatted films without the need to create templates or separate one type of formatting from another. DICOM ScanPro Plus now affords even greater accuracy for dividing multi-formatted images.

The second is Optical Density Autosense. A piece of software designed to work in concert with the scanner in use, Optical Density Autosense automatically senses and registers with the scanner’s highest optical density choice. While Array has always provided a choice of digitizers that uses optical densities of 4.0 or 4.7, Autosense immediately determines the full range of OD values, and automatically registers them to commensurate with the scanner being used.

The third and final enhancement to DICOM Scan Pro Plus is the addition of newer DICOM based imager libraries. This ensures clients have the ability to utilize the 2905 digitizer as a Digital Duplicator, using the latest printing devices on the market.

Array Corporation is a leader in providing high quality, state-of-the-art digital imaging solutions for the medical, scientific and industrial fields. It was founded in 1964 under its predecessor, Abe Sekkei, Inc. In 1998, the two companies merged under the name of Array. The corporation has expanded to offer custom software development and connectivity solutions. For more information, visit www.arrayusa.com or call 758-1600.