By Kathryn Schoenberger

Hampton Union, Friday, July 7, 2006

[The following article is courtesy of the Hampton Union and Seacoast Online.]

HAMPTON — A new night club is scheduled to open at the beach this summer.

The Palms will occupy the space that was formerly Jeremiah’s on Ocean Boulevard.

The club will cater to patrons 21 years old and over and will be open seven days a week from noon until close, which will vary depending on the day.

Owner Roy Boston said he is planning a variety of types of entertainment. Wednesday will be salsa night, Thursdays and Fridays will feature live bands, and Saturday and Sunday will be dance nights with disc jockeys.

In addition Boston is planning to host other events, such as comedy nights.

The club will also offer a full menu ranging from traditional seafood to steak and beyond.

“It’ll be a little mixture of everything,” General Manager Peter Lee said.

Boston and Lee said the club will have a Caribbean feel.

“It’s a very relaxed tropical atmosphere,” Lee said. “There’s so much decor it’s unreal.”

The bottom floor of the club will be painted in blue tones to serve as the ocean. The second floor will be decorated as a beach, complete with — what else — palm trees. Finally, the third floor features an aerial view of the beach room, with a sunset theme.

“It should make you feel like you’re in the islands,” Lee said. “Then you look out onto the ocean, and it will bring the whole thing together.”

They hope to draw all age groups to the club through the different rooms.

“We’ll have several different areas of volume,” Boston said. “If you want a quieter atmosphere there’s the upstairs. If you want to be in the middle of it you can go to the beach room.”

Boston and Lee also hope to entertain some of the performers from the Casino Ballroom.

“We’re looking to get the main acts to perform there and hang out,” Boston said.

Artists will, naturally, be accommodated in a VIP room.

Patrons can also buy VIP memberships for access to a private room and discounts on food and drinks. VIP passes can be purchased for a day, a week, a month, or a year, and will average about $25 a night.

There will also be the standard cover charge, which will be $5 and up depending on that night’s event.

The team, who managed the Inferno night club in Dover, has been working on the project for six months.

“We have crews in there all day and all night,” said Boston. “We’ve spent a lot of money bringing this building back up to code,” he added, noting that it was abandoned for two years.

“We want to make it a safe, enjoyable atmosphere,” Boston said.

Boston and Lee are awaiting a final building inspection. They hope they will be able to open next week. “We haven’t planned anything yet,” said Lee of the opening day. “We’re waiting for the final say first.”