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or ‘Cowabunga! Surf Gel Hits the Waves’

By Aubry Bracco, Atlantic News Staff Writer

Atlantic News, Friday, July 20, 2007

[The following article is courtesy of Atlantic News]

SURF’S UP — Craig and Jay Scanlon display their coconut scented gel stick, Surf Gel. [Atlantic News Photo by Aubry Bracco]


HAMPTON — Hampton brothers Jay and Craig Scanlon are on a mission to keep surfers and sports enthusiasts on the go and more comfortable with their new skincare product, Surf Gel.

While at school in Hawaii, Craig said he spent hours surfing with friends each day. Though they used Vaseline in order to protect their skin and prevent rashes from forming, especially under the armpits, Craig said he and his friends wished the process of protecting their skin was less messy.

“Man, if they had this on a stick and we didn’t have to put it on our hands, it would be awesome,” Craig and his fellow surfers mused at the time.

“But it never really went anywhere besides a good idea,” Craig said.

Until eight months ago.

While on a winter break from their construction work, Jay said he and his brother decided to “keep [their] focus through the down season,” by testing out the skincare gel stick idea and starting their own business.

After passing along the word and handing out samples to friends and acquaintances on the surfing circuit, the brothers, both Winnacunnet graduates, said they immediately received feedback and requests for their product.

“We were blown away,” Craig said of the instantaneous reaction to Surf Gel.

Today, the Surf Gel phenomenon that stated out as a fleeting idea, is now sweeping through Seacoast surf shops and has already made its way into the Southern Hemisphere.

“Somehow the stick got down to Australia … kind of like a message in a bottle,” Jay said.

In February, Surf Gel burst onto the scene when the Scanlons were invited to the Association of Surf Professionals’ World Champ Crowning in Australia. The brothers’ gel stick has also been taken on by Surfing Australia as an official product.

“We’re really, really excited about that,” Jay said. “We’re on the brink of becoming big down there.”

The coconut-scented gel, which can be applied once before entering the water, and after if desired, not only prevents rashes and chafing, it can heal any irritation, Jay said. And you don’t have to be a surfer to enjoy the benefits of Surf Gel. According to Jay, it’s perfect to heal chapped lips, sun blisters and irritation from footwear such as flip flops or high heels.

The Scanlon brothers are also working on a new line of gel stick skincare, Athlete Gel, which should be available sometime in fall 2007.

Right now, Jay and Craig are working hard and are excited to see where Surf Gel takes them next.

While they are still looking for assistance with funding, the Scanlons thank local residents, including Dave Cropper and Phil Carey of Cinnamon Rainbows Surf Company as well as Mike Paugh of Zapstix Surf Shop and surf photographer Brian Nevins, for helping them bring Surf Gel to the Seacoast.

Students at Sanborn Regional High School have also pitched in to help the Scanlons develop an ad campaign for their product; stay tuned for ads from local students.

Surf Gel is currently available at Cinnamon Rainbows Surf Company in Hampton Beach, Zapstix Surf Shop in Seabrook, Pioneers Board Shop in North Hampton and online at

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