Seafood Restaurant Open Year-round

By Liz Markhlevskaya

Hampton Union, Tuesday, August 10, 2010

[The following article is courtesy of the Hampton Union and Seacoast Online.]

Scott Andrews and Lupo’s bartender Christine Anzalono.
[Liz Markhlevskaya photos]

HAMPTON BEACH — When Mike Lupo first opened up his seafood place in 1992, he thought it would simply be a small clam stand. He was 24 years old when Lupo’s Seafood and Grille first came about and now his small business has turned into a full-blown restaurant full of locals craving seafood and good times.

“Every year has beaten the year before,” says Lupo. “It’s a big local joint.”

According to Lupo, in the familiar place where “everyone knows everyone,” the restaurant is usually filled with people having a good time, laughing and talking to waitresses who have worked there for many years.

“They love it, everyone loves this style,” says Lupo. “It’s like a diner that knows everybody.”

Unlike many other restaurants near the beach, Lupo’s is open year-round, and has not closed a single day in more than 18 years of existence. Lupo says that because his business is not seasonal, many locals, rather than just tourists, are drawn to it.

Lupo describes his restaurant as having a very comfortable family environment, with “every kind of seafood you can imagine.”

Some of the biggest attractions at Lupo’s have been the daily specials, which range from $6.99 to $9.99.

These specials include meatloaf and shepherd’s pie on Mondays and Italian food special on Wednesdays. On Thursdays, customers enjoy corn beef and cabbage, as well as chicken pot pie for a low price. On Fridays, Lupo holds a “fish fry for two” special, in which customers can get two dinners in one by getting a jumbo fried haddock plate for a reduced price. In addition, there is a prime rib and roast turkey special on Saturdays and Sundays, respectively.

According to Lupo, he goes through about six 24-pound turkeys per week at his restaurant. Also, Lupo says the haddock sandwiches are quite big among customers, and he has been selling about 100 of them a week. The sandwich consists of fresh, local haddock with coleslaw and finely sliced onion rings on top.

Going the old-fashioned way, Lupo buys all the food for his restaurant himself, and when it comes to seafood, he gets it the freshest way possible.

“Fishermen pull up to the docks and I buy it off them,” says Lupo, who always makes sure the seafood is local and fresh off the boat.

Not liking having to deal with salespeople, Lupo says he buys supplies such as cranberry sauce, hamburgers and vegetables, himself, rather than having those items delivered.

“I do it old school,” says Lupo, “I always have and I always will.”

In addition to food, the restaurant also has a bar, which is famous for Bloody Marys and Jell-o shots. Lupo’s also has live entertainment most nights of the week, with karaoke Thursday through Saturday, as well as bands playing Wednesday and Sunday.

Lupo’s Seafood and Grille is located at North Beach, at 595 Ocean Blvd. For more information call 926-1100.

Sean Adams, Erin MacDonald, and Jenna Karlson are working at Lupo’s Seafood and Grille.
[Liz Markhlevskaya photos]

The dining area at Lupo’s.
[Liz Markhlevskaya photos]

Lupo’s Bar and Grille.
[Liz Markhlevskaya photos]