Hourly Classes Offer Different Style of Fitness Training

By Brittany Givens

Hampton Union, Tuesday, February 14, 2012

[The following article is courtesy of the Hampton Union and Seacoast Online.]

Jay Collins demonstrates some of what he teaches at MaxEdge Fitness in Hampton.
[Rachel Halie photo]

HAMPTON — For many years, I have been in and out of different gyms. I get on the elliptical, get bored of it and become unmotivated.

Then I tried MaxEdge Fitness in Hampton, which provided a new type of exercise program built to keep exercising interesting while providing a challenging yet rewarding workout.

Jay and Nancy Collins have created an exercise program they say is unique to the Seacoast, claiming they offer what is essentially personal training at a group training cost.

At MaxEdge Fitness, there are no treadmills, elliptical machines, or stair steppers; rather, MaxEdge Fitness is built on the idea of getting back to the basics.

Each workout is different and can incorporate kettlebells, rowing machines, box jumps, and weighted medicine balls.

“We really focus on the basic body movements — jumping, climbing, crawling,” Jay said. “It’s different every single day. We focus on working the full body. Work on getting the heart rate up really fast and then conditioning you to bring it down quickly. There’s really not a gym that offers the kind of classes that we offer and the number of classes. Facility-wise, there’s not a facility like this anywhere out here.”

MaxEdge Fitness started as a lunch-time hobby for Jay and his co-workers at the mortgage company where he worked. Jay and Nancy then decided to turn it into a business literally across the street from that same company. Opened in September, MaxEdge Fitness now offers 10 to 11 one-hour classes per day and had 120 members as of last week.

“It’s really for everyone,” Nancy said. “Some people look at it and think, ‘Oh my gosh I have to work out before I could ever come here.’ That’s not the case. We modify everything for everyone. You can have an elite athlete right next to someone that’s just getting back to fitness or getting into it for the very first time. They can both get a really great workout.”

I’m not the most athletic person in the world, and I still left MaxEdge Fitness feeling like I had the greatest workout of my life. A workout so good that I still felt the it for days after.

The workout challenging and productive, and the atmosphere was welcoming and truly focused on modifying the workout to best suit me.

By working out in a group setting, everyone motivates each other and feels more like a team rather than my usual way of putting my headphones on and pretending no one is around me while I work out.

MaxEdge Fitness
Owners: Jay and Nancy Collins
Address: 6 Merrill Industrial Drive, Hampton
Phone: 601-7195
Web: www.maxedgefitnesstraining.com

Nancy Collins is co-owner of MaxEdge Fitness in Hampton.
[Rachel Halie photo]