New Beach Business Offering Hourly Rides

By MaryGrace Kelleher

Hampton Union, Friday, July 20, 2012

Parasailing at Hampton Beach

HAMPTON — After many years of empty skies, parasailing has made a return to Hampton Beach thanks to Hampton Beach Parasail and Jet Ski, which opened on July 1.

The Hampton business, owned by Mike Tarantino, is the sister business to Dennis and Provincetown Parasail and Jet Ski.

Six people can board the company’s eye-catching bright green boat known as “Airgasm” at the dock at the Hampton State Marina. Customers enjoy an hour boat ride and are airborn for about 15 minutes, but “it feels longer than it is,” according to employee Jake Stigliano.

The business charges $89 per person to parasail and $115 an hour to jet ski. Waivers must be signed before taking flight.

Crowds can watch as the rainbow-colors of the parasail slowly cruise through the sky giving riders the best view of the beach.

Curious customers, like Bri Underwood and Will Goldenberg, find themselves down at the marina signing waivers to take flight after calling the number attached to the back of the parasail. A lot of business has come from the sky-high advertising, according to Stigliano.

Underwood and Goldenberg had never parasailed before, but the couple swallowed their fears and took flight.

“I thought it was awesome!” Underwood said.

Goldenberg couldn’t agree more.

“It was a peaceful experience,” he said.

Both would do it again and highly recommend the “awesome” crew.

The parasails fly about 500 feet in the air and up to three people can ride at one time, according to employee Shantia Phillips.

“It is real smooth, like you’re flying,” Phillips said.

Parasails can’t operate in thunderstorms, extreme rain or n winds higher than 25 mph, according to Stigliano.

A boating license is required to rent and drive the jet skis. If customers don’t have a boating license they must pass an exam in order to rent jet skis.

Hampton Beach Parasail and Jet Ski is open 7 days from 8 a.m. to sunset.

“Airgasm” takes six people out at one time to parasail. [MaryGrace Kelleher, photos]
Hampton Beach Parasail and Jet Ski
Where: Hampton State Marina
Hours: 8 a.m.-sunset daily
Phone: 603-929-4386