By Charles McMahon

Seacoast Sunday, November 4, 2012

[The following article is courtesy of Seacoast Sunday and Seacoast Online.]

Ben Yuse, co-owner of Smart Junk Removal, wants to do your dirty work. Yuse, along with his partner Rob Wilich, specializes in eco-friendly junk removal and yard cleanup. [Charles McMahon photo]

HAMPTON — Ben Yuse wants to get rid of your junk for you the smart way.

As co-owner of Smart Junk Removal, an eco-friendly junk removal service based in Hampton, Yuse has developed a business model centered around ridding local residents of their unwanted items through the most sustainable way possible.

The business idea originally came about as a side project thanks to his partner Rob Wilich’s plow business. Yuse said the duo decided to try to use some of the trucks in the plow fleet in the off-season to offer the service.

“We decided that the trucks were just sitting around not being used, so let’s try and use them to make some money,” Yuse said.

Having launched the company nearly four years ago now, Yuse said the junk business has been booming as of late.

“We’re booked up for the next couple of weeks, with several jobs a day,” he said.

While the busy schedule is not unwanted, Wilich said he’s been surprised at the company’s growing popularity over the years.

“I have been surprised at the need for this service and how easy it is to handle junk more responsibly,” he said. “We have simply connected those two dots.”

Wilich said the company also attempts to relay some of what he called the “staggering facts about the world’s waste issues” on its Facebook page.

Yuse said he believes the reason for the company’s growth has a lot to do with its assertion “We will remove anything from your property, just point and we’ll do the rest.”

“People are usually really excited that they don’t have to do anything,” he said.

Smart Junk Removal’s clientele over the years has ranged from elderly folks and single moms who don’t have the resources to clean out their old unwanted junk, to people who just don’t have access to a truck. Rather than go to the expense of renting a Dumpster and do the loading themselves, Yuse said his service is a complete handoff for the customer.

“We do all the loading,” he said.

And while success of the sustainable business model is ingrained in its convenience, Yuse said customers are also thrilled to know their things are not going to waste.

“Most of the stuff people are throwing out isn’t exactly junk. It’s just stuff they don’t need,” he said.

Whether it’s common throwaway items such as appliances or clothing, Yuse said he makes sure that nothing goes to waste. Appliances often end up going to the scrapyard and the clothing usually makes its way to local thrift stores.

“A lot of people are really excited about it not going to the landfill,” he said.

Smart Junk Removal offers a charge-by-volume rate structure. The service, which Yuse said can be available on a 24-hour basis, is offered throughout the Seacoast.

At a glance:
Smart Junk Removal
Owners: Ben Yuse and Rob Wilich
Phone: 997-6100
Hours: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday to Sunday

Ben Yuse, co-owner of Smart Junk Removal, wants to do your dirty work. Yuse, along with his partner Rob Willich, specializes in eco-friendly junk removal of and yard clean up. [Charles McMahon photo]