Hampton District Courthouse Table of Contents

Hampton District Court House
[ Atlantic News Courtesy Photo]
Judgment day for old Hampton courthouse
Hampton Union , March 31, 2013
Courthouse demolition photos and video
Taken May 28-30, 2013
Photos of the interior of the courthouse before its demolition
Taken April 18, 2013
Courthouse Gets Its Death Sentence
HamptonNorthHampton.Patch , March 19, 2013
Court House Gets Ax
Hampton Union , March 15, 2013
Town to Explore Costs for Razing, Rehabbing Court House
HamptonNorthHampton.Patch , May 10, 2012
Town Wants to Make Call on Old Courthouse
Hampton Union , April 13, 2012
Report: Former court needs a total overhaul
Hampton Union , November 25, 2011
Old court eyed for Fire Deptartment offices
Hampton Union , October 28, 2011
Courthouse Vandalized : Demolishing the vacant building mulled
Hampton Union , October 7, 2011
Old Courthouse Gets Reprieve
Hampton Union , November 26, 2010
Future Uncertain for Old District Court House
Hampton Union , September 26, 2008
Program Marks Hampton History
Atlantic News , February 2, 2007
'A Gem That Should Be Saved'
Atlantic News , June 23, 2006
Old Courthouse Ideal For Senior Center
Hampton Union , June 20, 2006
Court House Floor Plans
Site plan and architectural floor plans of all three levels of the building, drawn up in 2006
To Court Or Not To Court?
By Scott E. Kinney, Atlantic News , February 3, 2006
Court's Future Up To Voters
By Brendan McCaughey, Hampton Union , January 27, 2006
Group Works To Save Old Courthouse
By Patrick Cronin, Hampton Union , December 27, 2005
Group Wants To Save Court
By Patrick Cronin, Hampton Union , November 29, 2005
Hampton Court House: Back To the future?
By Liz Premo, Atlantic News , November 11, 2005
News stories on the question of where to relocate the court
By 2003 the old District Court building was in such poor repair that the court needed to move. These news articles follow the story as it develops.
The Local Courts
A police court was begun in Hampton in 1875 ....
From Peter E. Randall's "Hampton: A Century of Town and Beach".
The old Hampton Grammar School
Photos and information on the courthouse building when it used to be a school