[Undated, ca. 1925-1929]

Ordered: That the Rules and Regulations for the Government of the Fire Department as herewith attached, be and hereby approved.

Passed: Precinct Commissioners and Town Selectmen.

Chief of Fire Department

The Chief shall have and exercise supreme command over the officers and members of the department at all fires.

He shall have charge of all department supplies to the Fire Department.

He shall be the custodian of all property belonging to the Fire Department. Keep in good repair and ready for immediate service all fire apparatus.

And shall examine into the condition of all property belonging to the department and used by the Fire Department and shall cause the same to be kept in good condition and ready for immediate service.

He shall inspect or cause to be inspected the houses and apparatus of the department as often as once each week.

He shall cause to be printed and keep constant line, or limit of approach at any place or places in the town or beach at which a fire is or has been in progress to be known as and called “A Fire Line.”

He shall see that all ordinances, orders and regulations of the town and beach relating to Fire Department are strictly enforced, that proper discipline is maintained and observed by the officers and members of the department and that no favoritism is occurred by any member.

He shall have the right to establish a barrier; (?) [sic] and have constantly on hand a manual containing ordinances and the rules and regulations governing the department. He shall provide each member of the department with a copy of said manual, and hold each member responsible for its safe keeping.

The Chief shall have the authority to designate from among the permanent men of the department drivers for chief’s car.

The Chief Engineer shall select the persons to whom shall be intrusted [sic] the keys to signal boxes of the Fire Alarm Telegraph and keep said system in repair at all times.

All general orders of the Chief, and special orders when consented, shall be given in writing and record kept of same.

He shall not leave the town or beach without first notifying the first officer in rank and shall not leave the town or beach for a period of more than 24 hours without first notifying one of the commissioners or selectmen.

Chief Engineer shall keep or cause to be kept to the duties of his office and shall not actively engage in any other business.

Chief Engineer shall keep or cause to be kept a record of all his official acts, correspondence, together with a strict account of all receipts and expenditures, and such other records or books as the town or precinct may direct.

He shall report annually to the commissioners or selectmen the condition and needs of the department, the number of men therein, and their names, the number and names of all members who have resigned or deceased or who have been discharged during the year, and all statistics and information regarding the fires in town or beach during the year, the loss by fire, the causes of fire and its prevention or extinguishment, and such other information, and make such recommendations as he may deem wise.

The officers under the Chief shall report to the Chief each week in writing all accidents that may occur and such facts in regards to the same as may come within their knowledge.

They shall report to the Chief any defect or needs, all repairs on apparatus and equipment.

They shall examine all fire hydrants in their respective districts as to their location and condition at least twice a year and shall immediately report to the Chief by telephone any hydrant found out of order.

The Lieutenant or Captain in absence of the Chief shall assume all duties, first officer arriving at a fire takes charge unless the Chief reports.

All officers under the Chief shall perform such other duties as may be required and shall at all times assist him in the management.

Racing to or from fires will not be allowed under any circumstances. Officers in command and drivers will be held responsible for any damage caused through carelessness on their part in driving to or from fires. In returning from fires machines shall be driven at a moderate speed. No person other than members of the department shall be allowed on the apparatus going to or returning from fire without the permission of any officer or Chief.

Upon the arrival at a fire the driver shall promptly report to officer and not leave car till ordered.

No member of call force shall leave beach or town for a period of time without notifying the officer in charge of the company. Call members may report during the working hours to their station by telephone on all alarms to which their company does not respond.

The Lieutenant in the absence of the Chief shall assume all the duties of that office except having the control of the department at fires when he is the first to arrive. In such cases he shall be relieved by the first officer of superior rank arriving, and shall obey his orders until the arrival of his own Chief.


No person shall be eligible for or be a member of the department who is not a citizen of the town, no person shall be appointed to or discharged from the department because of his religious or political opinions, and members of the department will avoid discussions in the stations of religious and political matters, no member of the department shall act as delegate in any political convention, or as a member of any political committee or take any active part in political matters other than exercise of suffrage. The privilege of voting however shall not be interfered with and every member of the department shall be allowed on each election day sufficient time to vote.


The use or possession of intoxicants in the station or when on service at fires or elsewnere is strictly forbidden. Any member who incapacitates himself through the use of intoxicants at a fire or in any of the fire stations will be subject to a reprimand penalty.


Gambling in any form in any of the stations or on any of the premises of the department or anywhere while on duty is strictly forbidden.


Members of the department shall not smoke while in uniform on the streets or while going or returning from a fire.


The non payment of debts especially when incurred for uniforms, rent or necessaries of life shall be considered subject for discipline and may for the honor of the department be cause of dismissal from the service. No member shall assign his wages.

Language and Conduct

Profanity or immoral or indecent language by either officers or members will not be permitted in or about the stations and any conduct affecting the efficiency or honor of the department is a matter properly to be considered for discipline or dismissal.


Any member found guilty of intentionally taking for his own use any article of value when at a fire shall be subject to penalty.


All members of the department shall, when on duty address officers by their respective titles. Officers shall be just, dignified and firm in their intercourse with subordinates, being careful to abstain from violent, abusive or immoderate language in giving orders and directions. They shall see that all rules and orders are strictly carried out and obeyed and report all well sustained charges to the chief or any transgression of law ordinance, rules or orders.


Members of the department while on duty shall wear the uniform as provided by the regulations, and such badges or insignias as designate the officers or position held. When any member shall leave the department he shall thereupon return his badge, key and copy of the rules and regulations to the lieutenant who shall immediately notify the chief. Any member failing to make such return shall have the value of the article not returned deducted from the pay due him.

Change of Address

Members of the department when changing their places of residence shall immediately report the same in writing to the chief.


Each member of the department is allowed annually a vacation of fourteen days without loss of pay, the time of such vacation to be determined by the chief. No member however shall be entitled to such vacation unless he has served six months previous to the time of such vacation.


All stations of the department shall be open at all times for inspection by members of the municipal council and for visitors between the hours of 10:00 A. M. and 9:00 P. M. The permanent members of each station shall scrub the floors of their respective stations, and shall in all respects keep them neat and clean. On the Sabbath, however, all work other than that absolutely necessary will be omitted, and the person in charge shall see that order and quiet is maintained. All visitors whether officials or others shall courteously receive and give all allowable information.

No rubbish, oily rags or waste shall be left in storerooms or closets in or about the stations: such as has been used or condemned shall be at once destroyed.

All dances, parties or social gatherings of any description shall be held in the building in charge of the department. They will notify the chief one day ahead of the time designated.

No member shall make any purchase for the department chargeable to the town or beach unless on orders from the chief.

No member shall be actively engaged in any other business. Such violation may be the cause for dismissal from the service.

Response to Alarms

When the first alarm of fire is sounded all companies assigned to that box will at once respond. Second and general alarms will be given only by the officer in charge at the fire. On second and general alarms officers of engine and hose companies will report for instructions to the officer in command.

Conduct at Fires

When in service at fires all members shall perform such duties as may be required of them by their superior officers, and shall in as orderly, quietly and efficient manner as possible labor to extinguish the fire. They are expected to be courageous without being reckless. Disobedience of orders, cowardice, shirking of duty are offences of the gravest character, and the chief is required immediately to suspend any member guilty of such dereliction, and such suspension may follow by dismissal from the department.


In the use of hydrants the members of the department are instructed to use great care in opening and closing them, and to see that each cap is properly adjusted before leaving them. The first company connecting with a hydrant in case of fire will put on a gate and will leave one member in charge of it.


Companies and members will report for drill at such times as may be ordered by the chief.


For chief and all other officers white linen or muslin with turndown or standing collar.

All privates will wear blue shirts with turn down collars.


For chief and assistant chief a small necktie of black silk.


A dark blue regulation cap will be worn. Sample to be seen at headquarters. Regulation buttons and cap badges will be furnished by the department. Summer caps will be worn by the chief and assistant and officers.

In General

All permanent men in the department must have and wear the above described uniform while on duty, except while on duty about the engine house, or while going to or returning from a fire when old clothes may be worn, at all other times the uniform in a clean and neat condition must be worn unless otherwise ordered by the chief.

Approved and Accepted.

Beach Committee.

Town Committee.