Hampton Ghost Stories

[Photo courtesy Ralph Morang]
Hampton has its share of ghostly stories and legends. Some of these stories can be found here.
Goody Cole
Lots of information about the "witch" of Hampton, including a few ghost stories.
General Jonathan Moulton
One of Hampton's more famous and colorful characters was General Jonathan Moulton. Many tales, legends and ghost stories have sprung up around the man.
Val Marston
Sightings of the ghost of a little boy who died at the age of 11 in 1890. Also this brief article from 1999.
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A Ghost Hunt On The Seacoast
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Atlantic News , October 25, 1994
The Spirit Ship of Hampton: the 'William Tell'
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Retired Teacher Tells The Ghostly Tales Of Hampton
Harold Fernald tells tales of some local ghosts
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Do You Believe In Ghosts?
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Peering into Hampton's Haunted Past
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Is the James House haunted?
Hampton Union , April 3, 2015
Hampton's Historic James House haunted, investigators say
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