Hampton, New Hampshire

Hampton Police Department

– Date Unknown –

Carnival Week at the Bandstand? — [Date unknown]

Hampton Police Department

– 1915 –

Hampton Police Department, – 1915 –

The Hampton Police Department, 1915. Hampton’s force consisted of only four officers at this time. In the front row, from left to right are Chief Robert Tolman, police “mascot” Wendell “Buster” Ring, Edward MacFarland, Uri Lamprey, Ray Haselton, and John Clark (of Nashua). During the big carnival week in September, extra officers were brought in from Keene and Nashua. The men in back are unidentified, although one is Officer Gilbo of Keene.
[Photo courtesy Tuck Memorial Museum]

Hampton Police Department


Hampton Police Department, 1940s

Hampton Police Dept., 1940: Members of the Hampton Police Department pose in front of the station in this 1940 photograph. In the front row are: Jerome Harkness, chief; Fred Dalton, John White, Elroy Shaw, Leavitt Magrath, Percy Annis, Ellsworth Hobbs, Mason Carpenter, Samuel Brown, and Edward (Ned) Batchelder, selectman.
In the back row are: Clifford Eastman, George Hadley, Albert Jacobs, Clarence Shaw, Jack O’Dea, Maurice Dermeritte, and Clifton Seavey.
[Courtesy Photo/Tuck Memorial Museum]

Hampton Police Department

– Ca. 1947 –

Hampton Police Department, Ca. 1947
Police Chief John Malek, (center) stands with members of the Hampton Police Department in front of the beach station in the late 1940s, possibly 1947.
The Hampton police station was then located on Ocean Boulevard directly across the street from the Casino complex (where the Sea Shell is today).
Pictured from left to right, (front row) are Percy Annis, Ernest Sargent, Ed Towne, [unknown], Leroy Shaw, Chief John Malek, John Marston, Ben Clark, [unknown], Lester Brewster, and Clifford Eastman.
Pictured from left to right, (back row), are George Sumner, Leavitt Magrath, Ernest Chick, [unknown], Donald Dunbrack, Gordon Roy, Abbott Young, [unknown], [unknown], Mason Carpenter, Larry Hill, and Selectman Harry Munsey.
(Inset:) Hampton’s “Singing Cop,” Bill Elliot, entertained beachgoers for three decades from the 1920s to the 1950s.
[The “Police Station” sign is on display at the Tuck Memorial Museum, courtesy of Capt. Lloyd “Pat” C. Ring, a member of the HPD.]
{Photo courtesy Atlantic News & Ben Clark; police roster names, courtesy Ethel (Magrath) Curtis.}

The Hampton Beach police and comfort station, on the sea side of Ocean Boulevard across the street from the casino, c. 1926. Built after town meeting voted $15,000 in 1921 for its construction, it operated as a police station until torn down in 1962. The current Hampton Beach station was completed in 1963
[Photo courtesy Emile Dumont]

The police and comfort station (at center), built in 1921. The area between the station and the bandstand was used for concert seating and other entertainment activities. The small building on the beach at left is R.B. Ring’s popcorn stand.
[Photo courtesy Emile Dumont]

The rise of the automobile. The area south of the police and comfort station was used as a parking lot, much as it is today. In the comfort station, users were required to put a coin in a slot to gain access to a stall. A fair amount of revenue was generated this way.
[Photo courtesy Emile Dumont]

Bandstand & Police Station to be razed
to make room for “Sea Shell”, 1962.
[Postcard courtesy Gertrude Palmer Estate]

1962 photo of old Hampton Beach Police Station being demolished to make room for new Sea Shell complex located across from the Hampton Beach Casino. The “Police Station” sign was donated to the Tuck Memorial Museum by Capt. Lloyd C. Ring of the HPD.
[Photo courtesy Carrie Higgins from the Tuck Museum colleciton.]

The old Hampton Police Station was razed in Sept. 1962.
[Courtesy photo/Tuck Memorial Museum]

The “new” Hampton Police Station at Hampton Beach was opened in 1963.
This photo was taken in 2000.

HMP in the 2002 Christmas parade @ Watson’s Lane.
The Mounted Patrol Officers are, from left of photo:
Officer Andy Jowett riding “Blaze”;
front right of photo is Officer Tim Hamlen riding “Patriot”.
Officers in rear are from the Dover Police Department.

“Sgt. Joe’s” 55 chevy in 2002 Christmas parade @ Watson’s Lane.
The driver of the “Sgt. Joe” car is Officer Al Roach.
Al was also the one who was able to make the donation
and restoration of the vintage cruiser possible.