One Horse Donated, Another Anticipated For Beach Police

By Steve Jusseaume,

Hampton Union, Friday, May 17, 2002

[The following article is courtesy of the Hampton Union and Seacoast Online.]

Two horses play at Tidemill Campground in Hampton Wednesday.
A Tennessee Walker horse has been donated to the
Hampton Police Department’s Mounted Patrol for the beach.
[Photo/Emily reily/]

HAMPTON — With the summer season just around the corner, the Hampton Mounted Patrol’s stable of horses is full, thanks to the donation of one horse and the anticipated addition of another animal for use on police patrol at the beach.

This week the Board of Selectmen approved the donation of an 8-year-old Tennessee Walker to the mounted patrol from local businessman Fred Schaake, owner of the Hampton Beach Casino.

In addition, the Police Department anticipates the board will OK the acceptance of a second animal, which would fill the void caused by the anticipated retirement of one horse and another that took ill and eventually died last year.

“Both animals have been examined and are very appropriate for One horse donated, another anticipated for beach police our needs,” said Police Capt. Jamie Sullivan on Monday during the weekly selectmen’s meeting, at which the board accepted Schaake’s donation. Sullivan didn’t say what the horse cost, but noted that depending on health and lineage, a typical healthy,department young horse would have a value of between $3,000 and $6,000.

Sullivan noted that neither of the two newest members of the patrol have been used in police work in the past, though both animals appear perfect for such use. Training is continuing to see if the four horses can fit in together.

“This is a great donation from Mr. Schaake,” said Selectman Skip Sullivan. Board Chairman Jim Workman noted that not only is the mounted patrol useful as a police tool, but it’s great for “public relations.”

A full complement of Hampton patrol horses includes four animals, and currently the police department has five on hand. If the two newest horses “fit in” with the two current animals, the department’s fifth horse, Peacock, 23 years old, will be retired.

“We’re in training with the two new animals. Horses are herd animals and we have to find out if there is any competition between the four, if there might be any competition for leadership,” Sullivan noted.

The department took control of Schaake’s donation on April 24 for training purposes. The potential fourth member of the team, a horse named Chico procured by the nonprofit Hampton Mounted Patrol Inc. on March 27, could join the others soon.

Sullivan said the horses are currently stalled at a horse barn by Tidemill Campground off Route 1. Training will continue until the team goes on regular patrol at the beach, beginning about the second week in June.

Chico, when his addition is approved by selectmen, will join Sergeant and Blaze, the patrol’s two current members.

Sullivan noted that the Tennessee Walker that Schaake donated has yet to be named. He said that last time the department got a horse for the mounted patrol, the students at Marston School were invited to name the animal through a contest.

“We intend to ask the Marston School students to come up with a name for our newest horse like we did last time,” Sullivan said.