from the book: Hampton: A Century Of Town And Beach, 1888-1988

By Peter E. Randall

Maintaining Law and Order

Chapter 10 Photographs

Policemen, left to right, Edwin G. Towne, Lloyd (Pat) Ring,
Chief John Malek, Abbott Young, and John Marston. Paul Marston photograph.
[Courtesy Beverly Ring Prakop and Lloyd C. Ring, Jr.]

William Stickney, Sr., Hampton’s first motorcycle policeman, with his own bike,
in front of the Hampton Beach police station, ca. 1930. [Courtesy William W. Stickney]

William Kennedy and family, right, and Robert Moore and his family,
just before the two men entered a fallout shelter for a test,
an experiment that nearly killed them.
[A Colt Photograph.Courtesy Alzena Elliot]

Clifford Eastman and an unidentified officer monitoring the crowd
just before the beginning of the 1964 Hampton Beach riots.
[Courtesy Neil Prakop]

The mounted patrol of the Hampton Police Department
during the 350th anniversary parade, 1988.
[Peter E. Randall photograph]