Historical Information on Hampton Schools

Hampton Academy, 1852

General Information:

Hampton Reminiscences -- Part 8
"The Old Time Schools" by Enoch P. Young
A Brief History of Education in the Town of Hampton
by Bruce E. Russell, March 17, 1938
History of Hampton's Schools
A Brief History of the Hampton schools, by John M. Holman, Hampton History Volunteer, 2001
The Common Schools
by Joseph Dow from his "History of Hampton"
19th and 20th century Hampton school history, by Peter Randall
Building for Education
The Education
The People
Mirror of Society
Hampton Academy and Winnacunnet High School Alumni Association by Arthur J. Moody
History of the Hampton Public Kindergarten, 1947-1997
By John M. Holman, Hampton History Volunteer, 1997
Hampton Schools' Hot Lunch Program (1924-1956)
A history of hot lunches and milk service in the Hampton school system

Specific Schools

Centre School

District School Houses

Hampton Academy & High School

Hampton Academy / Hampton Academy Junior High School

Hampton Preschools

Marston School

Winnacunnet Adolescent Therapeutic Center and OdysseyNH Academy (formerly Odyssey House)

Sacred Heart School

Winnacunnet High School

SAU 21

SAU Talks Withdrawal
Hampton Union, August 12, 2003
Hampton Talks Control, Transportation Cost
Issues surrounding Hampton's possible withdrawal from SAU 21.
Hampton Union, August 19, 2003
After Study, SAU 21 Will Not Be Dissolved
Hampton Union, July 22, 2005
By The Book
Assistant Superintendent Fred Engelbach retires, Hampton Union, June 30, 2006
State Board OKs Withdrawal Plan
Hampton Union, November 17, 2006
SAU 21 Split Is Debated
Hampton Union, February 6, 2007
District Wants To Break Up
Hampton Union, March 6, 2007
Schoolhouse rocked: Hampton to remain in SAU21
Hampton Union, March 16, 2007
Bob Berry is New SAU 21 Business Administrator
Hampton Union, July 10, 2007
SAU 21 Superintendent Gaylord Retiring
Hampton Union, May 29, 2009
Study Group Unanimously Supports Hampton School District Withdrawing from SAU 21
Hampton Union, August 21, 2009
SAU 21 board offers school head job to sole candidate
Hampton Union, May 7, 2010
New school head accepts 3-year, $130,000 contract
Hampton Union, May 18, 2010
Maureen Ward Leaving SAU21
Hampton Union, May 18, 2010
Gaylord Given Retirement Sendoff
Hampton Union,June 15, 2010
Gaylord Accepts Superintendent Job in Chester, NH
Hampton Union, June 15, 2010
SAU 21 has a 'real gem' in Barbara Hopkins
Hampton Union, November 9, 2010

SAU 90

New Hampton School District Designated SAU 90
Hampton Union, April 16, 2010
Kathleen Murphy Chosen New SAU 90 Super
Hampton Union, November 23, 2010
Seal of Approval: Fifth-grader's Design New Logo of SAU90
Hampton Union, March 25, 2011
SAU 90 Had No Stake in SAU 21 Building
Hampton Union, June 24, 2011
A Move of Historical Significance
Hampton Union, June 28, 2011