Incorporating The Hampton Beach Advocate

Volume XXII, No. 2

Free Distribution

[Note: The following is a typical Hampton Beach newspaper, published during the summer months on Wednesdays by the Hampton Publishing Company and was called The Beachcomber. It appeared on the newsstands, hotels and at other recreational locations during the 1940’s and ’50s and had a free distribution.]

The Beachcomber

Incorporating The Hampton Beach Advocate
A Vacation Digest of all the news
information for the summer visitor

Published Wednesdays, June 30 to September 1

By The

Hampton Publishing Company

Hampton, New Hampshire
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Holiday Weekend Crowd Equals All Records

Estimate 250,000 Persons Visit Beach Over The Long ‘Fourth

According to businessmen, the largest holiday crowd in the history of Hampton invaded the beach for the long fourth of July weekend.

Aided by ideal weather, weekenders enjoyed fireworks, bathing, band concerts, midnight dancing and the various amusements along the boardwalk.

Every dining room, lunch counter, hotel and rooming house was filled to capacity. Hundreds of “lucky” people slept on porches and in basements and living rooms, while large numbers of late arrivers slept in cars, on beaches and on the beach — or not at all.

Cars from Canada and every state in the Union visited the Beach and traffic was the heaviest ever seen, with three lines of cars, motorcycles, jeeps and buses crawling from the North Shore to the center.

In spite of the continual congestion, no accidents were reported and firemen answered only one call when a cigarette started a fire on the [mile-long] bridge.

West Somerville Woman is Chosen
“Queen Of The Day”

Mrs. Winifred Morrison of West Somerville and a guest at the Methuen Cottage was chosen Tuesday, July 6, as the “Queen of the Day” at the Hampton Beach Casino Dining-Room broadcast. Mrs. Morrison received the honors for being married for fifty years. She is the mother of eight children.

The gifts received by the honored guest were: the facilities of the bath-house, speed boat and seaplane rides, golf, penny arcade amusements, luncheon, movies, deep sea-fishing trip, set of travelling bags, manicure set, box of candy, and other gifts.

Mrs. Morrison was quite thrilled and said that it was going to be a very happy week for her.

Accident Ties Up Bridge Traffic

Traffic was held up for 45 minutes Sunday night when a car driven by John E. Lawrence, Jr., of Lowell, Mass., struck a guard rail north of the draw on the toll bridge.

Although the car, which was hanging over the edge of the bridge, was extensively damaged, Lawrence escaped serious injury.

He will appear in court on a traffic violation. Officers [Leavitt] Magrath and [Ernest] Sergeant investigated.

Coast Guard Crews Save Craft

The North Shore Coast Guard station answered two calls of distress from the bridge Sunday.

Miss Nellie L. Misiaszek and Donald Butler of Nashua were thrown into the river when their sailboat capsized early Sunday between the new and old bridges. Picked up by passing fishermen, they were taken, uninjured, to the pier. Coast guardsmen recovered the boat.

Sunday night, BM George Courtney and Seaman Anthony Tondollio answered a radio call from the bridge where the strong tide had tossed a boat against the piling.

Rescued from the channel were Dennis Towne and Paul Leliberty of Winchendon, Mass., and Euclid Leliberty of Gardner, Mass.

Breaks At Beach Cleared
By Arrest Of Three Youths

The recent series of breaks at the Beach was brought to a climax Monday morning when nine boys were picked up by Massachusetts police for questioning following a holdup that morning at Perkins liquor store in Salisbury.

According to Chief of Police John Malek, three Brighton, Mass., youths who were living with this group, and who had been under suspicion by local police, were found to be responsible for the epidemic of burglaries here.

The 15-year-old leader and his 16 and 17-year-old partners broke into Page’s market June 28, making off with $100 in cash and $150 worth of cigars and cigarettes.

On July 1 they entered the James Grille on Ocean boulevard, rolled the safe out and “ripped” it, taking $100 and $2.50 from the juke box.

The next day the trio broke into several cars, taking three suits, a camera and binoculars.

Some of the loot has been recovered and it is expected to find the rest in Boston where it was sold.

Special Justice O. Raymond Garland of the Hampton Municipal court found probable cause and the youthful robbers were removed to the State Industrial school for 10 days to await arraignment.

Although the two older thieves had no previous police records, the “brains” of the gang is at present on probation from Massachusetts courts.

Chief Malek and Officer Edwin G. Towne are working in cooperation with State Police Officer John Nickerson.

Beach Notes

Holiday guest at the Lawrence House are Conrad Martineau, Roger Samson, Pauline Robichaud and Mary Healey, all of Pawtucket, R.I.; Yvonne Ouimet and Gerda Neunkirehner, Attleboro, Mass.; Mary Kelly, Cis Kelly and Robert Giles, Manchester.; Mr. and Mrs. Henry White and son, and Mr. and Mrs. E. O’Horrigan, Meriden, Conn.; Myrtle Wood and Ruth McGowan of Hopedale, Mass.; Lucille and Theresa Pyette and Lucille and Rita Gaymon, Lowell, Mass.; Hannah Mitchell, Harriet Mitchell and Margaret Seed, Methuen, Mass.; Gerald Sinel, of Montreal; Irma Rebel and Clara Seipman, Schenectady, N. Y.; Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Powell, Malden, Mass.; Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Parkinson and son, Bobby of Chatham, N.J.; Mr. and Mrs. Louis Dufault, Springfield, Mass.; Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Mellette, also of Springfield; Joseph M. Calzaretto and Dom Volpe, Hartford, Conn.; Grillo and Shirley Stempf, Watertown, Mass., and Deputy Sheriff and Mrs. Dennis Marvo of Salem, Mass., who are spending the summer here.

Among the guests at the Rowell are Mildred Hunter, Bridgeport, Conn.; Elizabeth Swift, Hancock; John McQueeney and James Doherty of Manchester; Elizabeth McCarthy, No. Billerica, Mass.; Patricia Higgins, Shirley Bunter, Delia Allen, Veronica P. Karsak and Marsella Westpelt, all of Lawrence, Mass.; Danel Shea, Holyoke, Mass.; Ruth and Jean Bolton, Westfield, Mass.; Mrs. Joseph Lyons and Miss Mary Lyons, Auburndale, Mass.; and Miss Betty Wood of Cherry Valley, Mass.

The McKenzie Arms dining room is under the management of Mr. and Mrs. Millard Footlick of St. Petersburg, Fla.

Have You Heard?

The Chamber of Commerce has the same charming girls back this year?
About the girl who went into the Pelham at 3:30 a.m. to wash her hair?
The gracious young hostess at the Lobster Pot is Mary Leary from Worcester?
That Connie hangs around Foley’s all the time, even when she’s not working? We wonder why.
That Wally forgot to wake Kitty at 4:30 Sunday morning to go digging clams?
That the University of Vermont must issue only small size T-shirts as evidenced by Bill Kelly?
That Tommy Waldron abuses his Buick driving it like an airplane? What’s the hurry?
That Jack Fanning is very pleasant, agreeable and helpful?
That Pat and Carl were building castles in the sand
About another versatile addition to Chuck Hill’s band — Roger Snow — plays tuba, bass viol and trombone?
That Chuck Hill’s wonderful new drummer is George Pennman?
That Billie broke two dates to be with Gerry?
That Dick didn’t recognize his date because she had dyed her hair in the meantime?
About the baseball game between the waitresses at Foley’s and Bill Kelley’s gang? P.S. The waitresses won!
That Kay Stickels won a jitterbug contest at the Barn?
That Judy is back at Munsey’s?
How Willie got burned?
Why Don is tired?
The striking blond (it’s genuine) waitress at the Lobster Pot is Barbara McNamara?

Beach Notes

House guests over the holiday weekend at the Henry Bailey’s of North Shore were, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Shapiro, and Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Moore and twins, of Troy, N. Y.; Mr. and Mrs. Galvin and daughter, Janice, and Mr. Gene Glennon of Schenectady, N. Y.; Mr. and Mrs. Lacey of Swampscot, Mass., Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Murphy and daughter, Mary of Thompsonville, Conn.; Mr. Dan DeGrasso of White Plains, N.Y. and Mr. and Mrs. John Phil of Chelmsford, Mass.

Mr. and Mrs. Manthorn and son of New Jersey are moving into the Bailey cottage for the summer season.

Registered at Ocean Boulevard Hotel are many Massachusetts people, including Shirley Mitchell, Millis; Virginia Lyons, Sherborne; Lillian Schiava and Tillie Lupuis, Framington; William Keating and William Hooper, Stoneham; Mr. and Mrs. James Argento, Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Vitrano, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sorrento, all of Dorchester, Bette and Alice Coles, Pauline Casacca and Louise Gauthier, Leominster; William Jeffrey, Robert Dunn and Ray Harris, Malden; Art Miles, Somerville; Mr. and Mrs. Willliam Lennox, Alliston; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Pierson and Mrs. Elizabeth Rogers, Worcester; Mr. and Mrs. James Jack, Belmont; Mrs. Ruth Cramer, Malden; Mrs. Margaret Martens, Somerville; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Johnson, Newton; Mr. and Mrs. Clark and Mr. and Mrs. Shrutterman, Medford. Other guests are Mr. and Mrs. William H. Dunn and family, Troy, N.H.; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Carney, Pawtucket, R. I.; and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Palmer and daughter and Mr. and Mrs. Ken Crosby, Schenectady, N.Y.

July vacationists at the Driftwood, 4 Nudd avenue are: W. E. Kennedy and family of Springfield, Mass.; Mary Ellen Barrett, Flario L. Tarto, Mary L. Nagle, Jean Vickery of Lynn, Mass.; Jean Guide, Roberta Dannelly, Beverly Poehlere, Patricia Winters, Springfield, Mass.; Betty Curtin, Marie Eastwood, Evelyn McCarthy, Boston; Mr. and Mrs J. Gardner, Lowell, Mass.; Helen Salminen, Lorraine Marcott, Worcester, Mass.; Mr. and Mrs. James Tully, Lowell, Mass.; Helen Canfirle, Grace Lenehan, Peabody, Mass.; Florence Nagle, Springfield, Mass.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Gobin
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Gobin

Married at Beach Rites

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Laurence Gobin are shown leaving St. Patrick’s church, Hampton Beach, following their marriage on Saturday, June 12. Mrs. Gobin is the former Paulette Irene Caron, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Caron of Ocean Boulevard.

Beach Notes

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. McKallagat of Lawrence, Mass., are spending the season at the McKenzie Arms. Miss Edna Wynn of Reading, Penn., is also vacationing there.

Enjoying the weekend at Boar’s Head Inn were Leroy E. Gilbert, Nashua; F. Long, Somerville, Mass.; Mrs. Helen R. Gilbride and daughters of Lowell, Mass.; Mrs. J. A. Madden, Schenectady, N.Y.; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Jeffrey, Stratford, Conn.; Evelyn Stveikes, Nashua; Mr. and Mrs. Alfred G. Donnelly, Pawtucket, R. I.; Mr. and Mrs. George P. Caffrey, Mattapan, Mass.; Mr. and Mrs. James.; Robert Brennan;, Boston, Mass.; Mr. and Mrs. Carmine Rossi, Cranston, R. I.; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Foye, Lowell, Mass.; D. A. Schwartz and family of Hollis, N.Y.; Leslie Lake, Melrose, Mass.; Walter Smith, Andover, Mass.; and Gwendolyn Merrill, of Melrose, Mass.

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Hewitt of Laconia have purchased the Virginia cottage on Perkins avenue and expect to spend the winter there.

Weekend guests of Mrs. William J. O’Brien and family of the Rita cottage on J. street were Mr. and Mrs. William J. O’Brien, Jr., of Philadelphia, Pa.; Mr. James K. O’Callaghan of Great Neck, L. I., the Misses Anne O’Brien and Alice Desmond of Nashua ;and Mr. Joseph G. O’Brien of Manchester.

Boardwalk Brevities

Seth and Ernie Junkins, Bunny O’Hearn, Larry Murphy, the girls from Al’s and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Swartzwelder are enjoying Joe’s hospitality at various times at the “Hampton Beach Annex” . . . Frank Mallahan with Marie by the sea . . . Al Daigle at the Fried Kettle . . . two waitresses from a neighboring restaurant enjoying “Breakfast at Munsey’s” . . . Don and Connie Murray in a “no parking” area . . . the waiter at the Harrington who looks like movie star Anthony Quinn . . . the trumpet player at Jenny’s who could double for Harry James, in looks as well as playing . . . Jack Trefethan, trumpet player in the local band, who is a dead-ringer for Mickey Rooney, including the same engaging grin . . . Marion Conners and date Paul wining at the Bowery . . . Benny Lee at Schaake’s.

Beach Notes

Engine No. 3 responded to a call at the Leroy on K street where a chimney fire took place about 10:15 p.m., last Tuesday.

Harris Court guests this week are Harry I. Thompson, Lynn, Mass.; Wilfred Landry and Fernand Desjardins of Nashua; Dr. Edward Campana, Boston, Mass.; Arthur W. Giehler, Holyoke, Mass.; Mrs. William Hart, Springfield, Mass.; and Mrs. William Baer of Hopedale, Mass.

Thirty-five minor first aid cases were treated at the State Bath House over the Weekend.

The Cover

A bevy of bathing beautys
A Bevy of Bathing Beautys

The bevy of bathing girls on the Beachcomber’s front cover this week was snapped by George Haggopian of Newburyport as they tried out the cool Atlantic waters for their first dip of the season.

The young ladies all hail from Massachusetts and are left to right: Angie Makris, Roxbury; Anne MacDonald, Jamaica Plains; Anne McGuire, Jamaica Plains; Pat Ward, Roxbury and Mary Carroll, Roxbury.

Miss Kathryn A. Grupe
Miss Kathryn A. Grupe

Beach Youth Engaged To Wed

Mr. and Mrs. Carl D. Grupe of Winchester announce the engagement of their daughter, Kathryn Anna Grupe, to Mr. John M. LaTourette, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. John M. LaTourette of Surfside Park.

Miss Grupe is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire and majored in hospital and has accepted a position with the Hale hospital in Haverhill.

Mr. LaTourette is a graduate of Hampton Academy and High School, Class of 1941 and was class president in that year. He spent three years in the army and is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire. He is returning to the University for post-graduate work.

No date has been set for the wedding.

Beach Couple to Celebrate 60th Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Sturgis of Hampton Beach will observe their 60th wedding anniversary on Thursday, July 15. Mr. Sturgis will also celebrate his 82nd birthday on the same date.

There will be a family dinner party at “The Constance.” Mr. and Mrs. Sturgis spent their honeymoon at that hotel which was named at that time “The Cutler House.”

The couple have five children, eleven grandchildren and fifteen great grandchildren.

Ladies Aid Community Church

In spite of the bad weather on Tuesday evening, July 6, the Ladies Aid of the Community church had a very good attendance.

At the business meeting conducted by the president, Mrs. Ida Whitehouse, Mrs. Perley George was appointed chairman of the advertising committee and Mrs. Kenneth Ross to take charge of the radio publicity.

Following the meeting a social hour was enjoyed. A delicious luncheon in the form of a strawberry festival was served by the hostesses for the evening, Mrs. Alice Ray and Mrs. Perley George.

Mr. Robert Breton
Mr. Robert Breton

Robert Breton, Young Star of
Stage, Screen and Radio

“The Voice of the Turtle,” which has sounded around the world from London to Melbourne, will be heard in West Newbury Saturday night, fresh from its five year run in New York. Starring Robert Breton, popular young actor of the stage, screen and radio, John Van Druten’s prize winning comedy has been booked for a full week to usher in the second season of the West Newbury Summer Theatre at Town Hall.

Opening night and season tickets for all eight plays are still available, Producer Carl Friedan said yesterday.

The West Newbury Summer Theatre is centrally located on Route 113 midway between Haverhill and Newburyport, easily reached from all directions. Tickets may be reserved by phoning West Newbury 160.

High Tides

Correct Figures at
U.S. Coast Guard Station, Hampton
Eastern Standard Time

FRIDAY 12:45 am 10.1
  1:15 pm 8.6
SATURDAY 1:30 am 9.9
  2:15 pm 8.7
SUNDAY 2:30 am 9.6
  3:00 pm 8.7
MONDAY 3:30 am 9.1
  4:00 pm 8.7
TUESDAY 4:30 am 8.6
  5:00 pm 8.6
WEDNESDAY 5:30 am 8.1
  6:00 pm 8.6

Information Guide

Church Services

Community Church
D Street
Rev. Earl Douglas, Minister
Morning worship service 10:30
* * * * * *
St. Patrick’s
(Roman Catholic)
Church Street
Masses: 6, 7, 7:45, 8:30, 9:15, 10, 10:45, 11:30.
Confessions heard on Saturday night beginning at 7:30 P.M.
Masses at Rye church — Sundays 6:30 and 8:30 A.M.

4 Daily — 2-3, 4-5, 7-8, 8:30-9:30.

Every Wednesday — 9:30 P.M.

Office Hours: 9 A.M. – 9:30 P.M. Daily

Hours: 8 A.M. – 6 P.M. Daily.

ABENAQUI, Rye Beach — 6 miles, 18 Hole course, Open to public.
AMESBURY Country Club, Amesbury, Mass. — 15 miles, 9 hole course. Open to public.
EXETER Country Club, Exeter — 11 miles, 9 Hole course. Open to public.
PORTSMOUTH Country Club, Portsmouth — 16 miles, 18 hole course. Open to public.

Town Officers
Selectmen: Harry D. Munsey, Chairman; George H. Sumner, Elroy G. Shaw.
Town Clerk:William Brown. Office Hours, 9-12, 2-5, Monday – Friday.
Chief of Police: John Malek. Chief of Fire Department: George Lamott

Beach Officers
Precinct Commissioners: Col. George Ashworth, Chairman; Ernest R. Underwood, James W. Tucker, Jr., Treasurer, Roland Bragg.
Chamber of Commerce: President, Raymond L. Goding; Vice President, John Walsh; Treasurer, Ralph T. Harris; Secretary, Loretta K. White.

Summer Calendar Issued By State

CONCORD, N.H., June 30 — The latest edition of the New Hampshire Recreational Calendar, a 12-page folder of vacation events and attractions in the Granite State, was recently issued by the State Planning and Development Commission, it was announced today.

The folder is designed to supplement the vacation literature issued in the New Hampshire Vacation Kit, and is intended especially to interest persons visiting the state for a short time as well as summer and year-round residents.

Information listed includes summer theatre schedules, historic buildings and museum, art exhibitions, facilities for summer study, square dancing, tennis, golf, horse shows, water events, boat cruises, arts and crafts, fairs, celebrations and Old Home Days, plus thumb-nail descriptions of several outstanding attractions.

An impressive increase in the number of vacation events scheduled in New Hampshire each year is indicated by the fact that it was necessary to increase the size of the Calendar by two pages this year, just as last year it was increased two pages over the summer before, the Commission said.

The folder will be distributed by the State Planning and Development Commission at Concord, New Hampshire, the New Hampshire Information Bureau at 10 Rockefeller Plaza, New York City, tourist information booths throughout the Granite State and other vacation information centers.

Lions Club Plans Tag Day July 10

At a special meeting of the Lions Club of Hampton, held Tuesday evening in the Goody Cole Room, plans were formulated for the launching of the second annual Tag Day for the benefit of the Eyesight conservation fund of the Lions club.

The special meeting was presided over by J. Walter Hollis general chairman of the fund raising venture who reviewed the work accomplished by the Eyesight Conservation committee during the past year in the preservation of the sight of a three-year old boy of Seabrook, through a series of operations financed by the local club through funds raised in last year’s tag campaign.

A very extensive plan for the preservation of eyesight in Hampton and the surrounding towns was set forth for the coming year. It is anticipated that the committee will need an amount exceeding $1,500.00 to accomplish the program for the coming year. Last year, the local club netted approximately $500.00 and had expenditures in the cases attended exceeding $600.00.

The committees have been formed to afford the largest coverage of the recreational areas of this section as well as Hampton, Seabrook, North Hampton and Salisbury. Chairman Hollis announced the following appointments: finance, Marshall H. Trafton; tags, Daniel Woodbury; advertising and publicity, Donald G. Murray; special gifts, James A. Carroll; transportation, Fred J. Rice; contest, Leslie Dining; refreshments, Donald Howard; zoning, Edwin G. Towne; prizes, Henry V. Dupuis; publicity stunts, Fred N. Rice. Chairman of teams captains is George I. Barwick.

The team captains are to be appointed in the next few days.

It was brought out at the meeting that the drive for funds and Tag Day have the endorsement of the Hampton Beach Chamber of Commerce, the Seabrook Fish and Game Club and the Salisbury Chamber of Commerce.

Union Chapel

Little Boar’s Head, N.H.

Sunday Services: July 11, Rev. Dana McLean Greeley, Boston, Mass.; July 18, Rev. Ashley Day Leavitt, D.D., Brookline, Mass.; July 25, Rt. Rev. Alexander Szent-Ivanyi, D.D., Budapest, Hungary; Aug. 1, Rev. Samuel A. Eliot, D.D., Cambridge, Mass.; Aug. 8, Rev. Morrison Russell Boynton, D.D., Newton, Mass.; Aug. 15, Rev. Dan Huntington Fenn, Boston, Mass.; Aug. 22, Rev. Joseph C. MacDonald, Waban, Mass.; Aug. 29, Rev. Wallace Witmer Anderson, D.D., Portland, Maine; Sept. 5, Rev. Herbert Hitchen, D.D., West Newton, Mass.

Services — 11 A. M., Daylight Saving Time. All Are Welcome.

Beach Notes

Richard Ward Thomas is celebrating his fifth birthday today at the Bailey home on the North Shore.

He is entertaining five little guests.

Games will be played after which the decorated birthday cake and ice cream will be served for refreshments.

A large playground slide is Richard’s gift from the Baileys and this will be greatly enjoyed by all the children.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Gillmore of the North Shore spent the weekend in Bristol, where they attended the wedding of Mrs. Gillmore’s nephew, Mr. Robert Seaver, and Miss Elaine Smith. The ceremony took place in the Chapel in New Hampton where Mr. Seaver has been preaching for the past two years. The bride and groom are spending a few days with the Gillmores.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest T. Kimball of Manchester and their daughter and granddaughter, Mrs. George P. Wilson and Marilyn Linda of Chicago, are spending the month of July at the Ben Butler cottage at 19th street. Over the weekend they had as their guests the grandparents of Marilyn, Mr. and Mrs. William Wilson and children, Mr. and Mrs. M. F. LaMarche and children, Mr. Roy Sears, Mr. and Mrs. John Caylin, all of Manchester.

The Beachcomber Advertisers

Wednesday, July 7, 1948

Vol. XXII., No. 2 — Free Distribution

“C” Street Grill
Allied N. H. Gas Company
Art Gaudreau — Haircuts
Ashworth, The
Bella’s Market
Boar’s Head Inn
Boar’s Head Service Station
Casino Theatre — Hampton Beach
Cole’s “Old Country Store”
Cole’s Storybook Toy Shop
Corner Store, The
Dudley’s Insurance
Earl’s Market
Elander & Swanton
Exeter & Hampton Electric Company
Exeter, Town of
Foley’s Restaurant
Frank B. Freeman
Grason Shop, The
Gregory’s Sherwin Williams Paints
Hamel Dry Cleaning
Hampton Beach 5 & 10, The
Hampton Beach Chamber of Commerce
Hampton Metal Shop
Hampton Theatre, Hampton Center
Hampton Union, The
Harbor Grill, The
Henry’s Real Estate & Insurance Agency
Hollis Real Estate
Hotel Kentville
Ioka Theatre
Jackie’s Travel Agency
James Grille, The
John Sise & Company
John the Barber
Kelly’s Grill
Lawrence House, The
Lincoln Stores
Mace’s North Shore Fish Market
Mahoney’s Lunch & Tea Room
Margaret M. Junkins
Marguerite, The
Marsh Avenue Barber Shop
Mildred E. Chase — Typewriters
Munsey’s Sea Grill
Norton’s Sea Food Market
Nudd Homestead
Ocean Cruises
Olympia Theatre — Hampton Beach
Palmer’s Dining Room
Premier Theatre, Newburyport
Radio Station WHEB, 750 AM
Raymond Sturgis, Ambulance Svc
Red Feather Cottage
Rocky Bend, The
Schaake Sandwich Shoppe
Sea Tern Bakery
State Recreation Area
Strand Theatre — Amesbury
Strand Theatre — Newburyport
Sturgis Apparel
The Jolly Day — Children’s Care
Wesley, The
West Newbury Summer Theatre
Western Auto Associate Store
William James Dining Room
Ye Olde Country Auction
Young’s Cabins

Shop In Hampton Center

“The Heart of The Seacoast Region”

A Good Town To Trade In
A Good Town to Live In


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