Historical Photos of Hampton, New Hampshire

The library has thousands of old and new photos on its website. Some are presented in a searchable database, but most are simply included as illustrations on our thousands of web pages. The links below will help you access these photos.

  • Historical Photos Database
    Searchable database of nearly 500 Hampton photographs. Please note that this database is currently undergoing renovation. If you have questions regarding this database, please email genealogy@hampton.lib.nh.us.
  • Browse Subject Folders
    Direct access to the computer folders in which we keep all of our digitized photos
  • Historical Photo Calendars
    Some yearly calendars published between 1988 and 2007 include selections of old historical photos

Requesting copies of photos found on our website:
Because our photos come from a variety of sources, including newspaper articles, scans from published books, old postcards, donated family photos and even photos taken by library staff members, there are different technical and copyright issues involved in whether or not copies can be made of any of these photographs. Please direct all inquiries to webmaster@hampton.lib.nh.us.