Weston Theater and Gallery

WW1 eagle Movie Events for your Organization

Within the guidelines of the library meeting room use policy it is possible for groups to show movies, t.v. shows etc. at the library under the auspices of our public performance licenses. Each year we sign contracts with Movie Licensing USA and Motion Picture Licensing Corporation ensuring the library has permission to show films for most major movie studios. These licenses cover any film shown within our walls, possibly including yours!

Why would you want to do this?

  • Showing your club, troop, or business associates a film in your home is not considered "home use" and is a crime
  • Showing the same groups a film in the library covered under one of our licenses is legal
  • We have a comfortable space for you and your group and no one will break your favorite lamp
  • We have a state-of-the-art theater system

Our system:

  • High Definition blu-ray projector which can reproduce bright, vivid colors simultaneously with subtle shadows and true blacks
  • Surround sound
  • 110 inch projection screen
  • soft seating for 60 people

Call anytime to check availability of the Weston Theater and book your space. Films most be verified for license coverage before use.

WW1 eagle Weston Gallery Exhibits

Weston GalleryThe Lane Library welcomes submissions of non-commercial framed works from anyone on the Seacoast, with preference given to Hampton residents.  Each exhibit lasts for one month, and is free-of-charge to the artist. We do ask that prospective exhibitors complete our Artist Agreement and Release/Indemnification Form . Those wishing to exhibit at the library may fill out the request form at the bottom of this page or contact us at (603) 926-3368.

The Gallery is equipped with picture frame molding and display cables. No additional hooks, nails etc. may be added to the Gallery and the exhibit must conform to the space restrictions indicated by the Library. Artists are responsible for transporting all artwork to and from the Gallery – a Library staff member will assist within the Gallery as to the hanging and dismantling artwork from the display cables. Dates for installation and removal, generally one month in duration, will be set with the artist when the exhibit is approved, and adherence to those dates is required. The exhibit must not interfere with the general operation of regular Library activities.

Artists are asked to provide a brief biography and photo of themselves in electronic format before their exhibit so that the Library can create an “About the Artist” sign for inclusion in the Gallery. This information may also be used in Library publicity or promotional materials – in print and online - related to the Weston Theater & Gallery. Additionally, photographs taken by the Library of the exhibit and individual artworks may be used in the same manner. A title list/price list may be provided by the artist as well as other support print material such as business cards, brochures, etc. These will be left for distribution within the Gallery only. Prices may not be on or near the artworks themselves, the Library will not broker sales of art, and all pieces even if sold must remain in the exhibit for the duration of the show.

The Library may solicit artists to participate in a “Meet the Artist” educational program for the public during the exhibition period as funds allow and based on perceived public interest. If an artist would personally like to host a public reception they may do so following the guidelines of the Meeting Room use policy. If a private reception is preferred the usage fee would be applicable.

The use of the Weston Theater & Gallery for exhibition does not imply advocacy or endorsement by the Lane Memorial Library or the Town of Hampton. The Library reserves the right to refuse any exhibit proposal. The Library further reserves the right to rescind an exhibit for violation of this policy.

Weston Gallery Art Exhibit Application Form

Please describe your work in terms of style and content